have you cancelled xmas this year

  frankie 19:59 16 Dec 2010

have you cancelled christmas this year? i love christmas but cant seem to get motivated,with all this financial gloom,and now the weather,forcasted price rises in utilities,vat rises in new year etc HELP i used to love christmas but now bah,and everyone i seem to meet say not this year so not just me,how about you are you just saying f..k it and spend spend spend or have them days gone?

  timsmith259 20:25 16 Dec 2010

frankie what you need is a poster of the person you love most and some mistletoe and bobs your uncle

  frankie 20:29 16 Dec 2010

ha got loads real people maybe mistletoe its on list now cheers

  Quickbeam 08:06 17 Dec 2010

Nothing like a good knees up that spends money un-necessarily for lifting the spirits, mines a Jura.

  Grey Goo 10:35 17 Dec 2010

No point in worrying about what might happen because,(a) It might not happen, (b) if it does worrying won't make any difference anyway. Enjoy the Season as if it's your last,then file for insolvency.

  peter99co 11:40 17 Dec 2010

Just found a bottle of Jura at £15 +vat Merry Xmas to you

  wids001 11:54 17 Dec 2010

Haven't "done" Christmas for 10 years now! These days Me and the wife have a great time. Christmas Eve our daughter takes us to her home where we stay until 27th. On Christmas day the family, and a few friends arrive for dinner - 23 in total this year - and we have a great time.

Boxing day even more arrive and we're treated to a great buffet in the afternoon.

It's been like this for the past ten years, and it is the ONE time during the year that we are able to get together with our children, grand-children and great grand-children all at the same time.

For us, Christmas is a fantastic time!

  jack O'lantern 14:49 17 Dec 2010

But it happens anyway

It is certainly true that the older you get it seems to be less like it used to be when you were a child or where ones own famliy were young and the thrill of it all for the kids carried across.
Now this year will be the third Christmass without my wife of 52 years there will be just the two adult daughters and Molly no 2 daughters hound.
I'll cook the dinner[ Allways have] made the puds month ago- then later a round of present giving- with Molly rooting among them for hers - she never did learn to give us ours

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