Have we got any electricians

  carver 07:46 05 Mar 2013

Just wondered if we had an electrician who had a couple of hours spare to nip over to Germany enter link description here and fit a light switch for them.

Even I can fit a new switch but I'm afraid that under the new laws I'm not allowed to do it.

  Quickbeam 08:04 05 Mar 2013

That's not very green for a country that invented green.

  Forum Editor 09:00 05 Mar 2013

It imagine it went something like this:-

Project manager to electrical contractor: We need light now! People can't work late on site without light.

Electrical contractor: The circuits are in, but the switch gear hasn't passed safety tests yet, so we can't bring it into use.

Project manager: I don't care! My neck is on the line here, we're running late, and I need night-working.

Electrical contractor: Well, we could make the lights work, but you won't be able to switch them off...

Nobody wants to own up to it, but I bet that's what happened.

  carver 10:00 05 Mar 2013

F.E put that into a script for a comedy and nobody would believe it as being to far-fetched but some how your description sounds about right.

I would hate to be the person in charge if there was an accident because the power couldn't be switched off.

  morddwyd 10:11 05 Mar 2013

I must say that having been involved with commissioning projects I don't see this as unusual.

In something of this size and complexity there are bound to be minor problems of uncoordinated phase completion dates.

They are normally ironed out at planning or "howgoesit" meetings, but this one got missed.

We're all human, even the Germans. In this country it wouldn't even make the evening news, but let's slag off the super efficient Germans when we've got a rare chance!

  N47. 11:06 05 Mar 2013

We decided to replace our 10 year old range cooker with a new one last year. Found the one we wanted on the net, had it delivered and arranged for gas safe company to fit it. It has, like the old model gas rings and electric ovens.

The chaps came and unpacked carton, set up connections an stopped. i was told they could not continue as they would need an electrician

to put on a 13 amp plug!!

they said the could arrange for electrician to come the next day and they would finish off the job, it wouldn't of costed any more.

I said can I wire it up and I did.

Good job as well as her indoors was expecting the new shinny cooker working when she got back.

  Bing.alau 11:50 05 Mar 2013

Sounds to me as if the Germans are beginning to get our disease. The Germans do tend to leave some works unfinished though, such as Beethoven.

  Forum Editor 13:32 05 Mar 2013

It's not uncommon for electricians to be asked to rig a workaround to supply lights on building sites. The traditional solution has been to insert a conductor loop between the live supply and the switch line, so lights are on all the time - the last man off the site at night has responsibility for unscrewing the switch-line side of s connector block and pulling the line out.

That obviously isn't what has happened with the huge kilowatt loading on the circuits at this airport, but I bet a more sophisticated version of it is responsible.

  namtas 15:34 05 Mar 2013

I don't know about Germany, I have never worked there, but in the UK it is illegal to energise any circuit building site or otherwise unless there is a means of safe isolation.

  Aitchbee 18:45 05 Mar 2013

If they've got 'low energy' LED bulbs, [universally] installed ... then it should not be such a 'big deal'.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:35 05 Mar 2013

A JCB will sort that out.

36 yrs ago the railway were building a new computer centre behind the building I was working in.

All of a sudden everything went dark except for a flashing and arcing coming through the window.

JCB had just dug up the main cable to the site which was arcing away on his bucket trapping the driver in the cab.

They came panicking and looking for my boss (head of plant and machinery), he was away on a job elsewhere.

So guess who got landed with the job of sorting it all out, the youngest most inexperienced one in the office, who was only there in a temporary capacity (yours truly), as everyone else managed to conveniently disappear.

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