Have the Police gone too far

  daytimers82 17:00 07 Aug 2010

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Here the pulled over 70 year old stroke victim to issue a ticket for not wearing seatbelt. Even 70 years old can be a little senile, surely the police respect old retired people don't they.

  daytimers82 17:04 07 Aug 2010

I now most Police forces do a grand job, but surely their training would of kicked in on how do deal with elderly retired people, by the vie footage they seem to have gone over the top.

Even though some people I gather may argue that most 70 year old are not retired because of the government has or will change the law about retirement

  karmgord 17:09 07 Aug 2010

Regarding this, the initial reporting seems the Police acted OTT in their efforts to gain entry to the car,
BUT after initially stopping, the old boy DID drive off hitting an officer,FAILED to realise that the Police wanted him to stop again, despite following him with "blues & twos" for a couple of miles (he only stopped when a stinger was deployed.
No disrespect, but if as a 70yrs old you don't realise such things then should you be still driving?

  Forum Editor 17:26 07 Aug 2010

"Mr Whatley was found guilty of not wearing a seatbelt, failing to stop for a police officer and having tinted car windows which did not conform to legal requirements but cleared of failing to stop after an accident.
He also admitted having a registration plate which did not adhere to regulations."

When he was stopped for not wearing a seat belt, and officer went around to his passenger door, and he drove off, knocking over the officer in the process, because he "thought the matter had been dealt with" and because he felt frail and vulnerable.

He drove for 17 minutes with a police car following him with blue lights, failing to stop because he thought the officers were giving him a police escort home. Someone who is that vague and confused shouldn't be driving at all.

The Police actions after he eventually stopped do seem to be a little excessive, and no doubt they'll get a chance to tell the inquiry why they reacted in that way.

  egapup 17:26 07 Aug 2010

Way over the top, the officer in the high vis jacket should be sacked.

  sunnystaines 17:29 07 Aug 2010

I was waiting for you know who to post this story. with his anti police posts.

  Forum Editor 17:41 07 Aug 2010

So, you're in full possession of all the facts are you - or are you simply knee-jerking, like you usually do whenever something about the police crops up?

  karmgord 17:53 07 Aug 2010

Posts about Police actions that make national headlines are not Anti Police and do warrant discussion,my opinion on the Tomlinson video was changed by such discussion.
Looking a what he was charged with it does seem to me that they have "thrown the book at him" maybe as a way of mitigating such extreme action?

  karmgord 18:11 07 Aug 2010

Lets not forget that some old people can be awkward, rude, stubborn and senile which would help in these confrontations.

  tullie 18:26 07 Aug 2010

Me too lol

  karmgord 18:39 07 Aug 2010

I'd like to see his insurance claim form,I wonder if he is covered,are the Police liable if their actions are not found to be proportionate?

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