Have an Old Age Pension and live outside the UK?

  Sapins 19:26 08 May 2006

If you receive an Old Age Pension from the UK and live in France, or I presume another EU country with a double taxation agreement with the UK, you can opt to have the pension taxed in your country of residence and not pay UK tax on it. I am speaking for France and I have just received a refund from the tax office in the UK of all the tax I paid since I started to receive the pension, not only that but the French allowances mean that I do not pay tax in France either. Well worth looking into.

The site to visit and download the necessary forms from is click here

The form for individuals is the second one down.

  spuds 23:14 08 May 2006

But the deciding factor, what is the best EU country for an 'older' ex-pat to live in!.

  Sapins 09:59 09 May 2006

I can't fault France, the medical care is second to none, the people are very welcoming and of course the food and wine are exceptional. So on the whole we are very happy here.



  namtas 14:19 09 May 2006

But, oh that garlic.

  Sapins 15:26 09 May 2006

The French don't seem to mind that;-)

  sunny staines 16:42 09 May 2006

I have always found the french speak little english. there would be problems till I learnt french, great country though.

ligo & red tape puts me off retiring to france.

most others countries in europe have good understanding of english to help you get by till you have picked the local lingo.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:19 09 May 2006

'I have always found the french speak little english'...no kidding Sherlock. ;-))))))))


  Sapins 18:27 09 May 2006

The red tape is getting easier to get through and as for the language there are more and more French people learning English. Most of the large firms and organisations are arranging for their employees to have lessons. My area has the first English speaking section in the tax office!

Of course you have to adopt a positive attitude, then you will get on OK, nothing magic about it. If you do think about retiring here I would be willing to help where I can.

  namtas 18:38 09 May 2006


re my earlier post, which I hope was seen as humour. just to add just spent 5 wonderful days in Paris, what a truly magnificant city.

  Sapins 18:41 09 May 2006

"re my earlier post, which I hope was seen as humour. just to add just spent 5 wonderful days in Paris, what a truly magnificant city." As was my reply:-))

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