Have no fear, your latest ride is here!

  TopCat® 14:25 13 Mar 2009

For years the designers and engineers have been devising all manner of thrills that keeps the adrenalin rapidly flowing, and subjecting the human body to unnatural forces. The latest offering at Surrey's Thorpe Park aims to take this one step further. click here

In my day things were much slower, but still thrilling, and no-way would I survive such a ride today, worse luck! :o) How about you? TC.

  Jim Thing 14:39 13 Mar 2009

Do people pay money to be subjected to that sort of thing, or does Thorpe Park pay the punters?

  Stuartli 14:44 13 Mar 2009


  wolfie3000 17:05 13 Mar 2009

Im with Stuartli on this,
It looks pretty tame compared with others iv seen.

Also from the video on the BBC site it looks as if the ride is named after the film Saw.

  Stuartli 18:32 13 Mar 2009

I was actually being facetious..:-)

  sunnystaines 16:15 14 Mar 2009

bad news more traffic jams during holidays as many will flock for new rides at Thorp Pk.

  jellyhead 17:32 14 Mar 2009

Sadly they got rid of one of thier best attractions, the farm.

  Forum Editor 17:46 14 Mar 2009

within a mile of any of those rides. I don't mind flying 7 miles up in a 747, and I've happily stood out on that glass skywalk 4000 feet over the Grand canyon floor, but there's no way I could ride on one of those roller coasters.

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