Have I reached my limit?

  pj123 15:03 09 Oct 2005

Over the last few days my login times have remained the same (5148)

Just logged in again and still showing 5148.

Have I reached my limit?

  Forum Editor 15:09 09 Oct 2005

and I'll take a look at your database file.

  Forum Editor 15:11 09 Oct 2005

shows me that you've logged in 5153 times.

Have you cleared your browser cache lately?

  Forum Editor 15:13 09 Oct 2005

because I've just logged in as you, and the login total showed correctly. The problem's at your end.

  pj123 16:26 09 Oct 2005

Thanks FE. Just logged in again and it is now showing 5155.

Yes, I clear my cookies, temporary internet files quite regularly.

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