Have File Sharers Won.

  Mark5001 19:51 19 Jan 2009

The Recording Industry Association of America has decided not to sue file sharers anymore. Now looking at other ways to make money.

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  sunnystaines 20:19 19 Jan 2009

read this today

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  Si_L 01:41 20 Jan 2009

What about offering them at a better price. CD's are on the way out, and why shouldn't they be when they cost £10 a pop and you can get it all free by file sharing. If offered an digital album at a much better price, say 10-20p a track, I think a lot of people would change their habits and go legit. Since coming across Soundsbox, where tracks are about 8p, I have spent a lot more on music than when I bought CD's. Have just looked at billing history and I've spent over £40 in the last month on tracks, which is excellent value considering you get 500 tracks, or about 50 albums for that.

  wiz-king 05:42 20 Jan 2009

As an aside -- I wonder how many of the tracks that people download are ever really listened to?

  interzone55 08:56 20 Jan 2009

Be interesting to see whether Soundsbox is legit - at 8p a track for commercial releases, many available before they're on iTunes, it does sound decidedly dodgy...

  Si_L 13:41 20 Jan 2009

I had a hunt on the internet first before signing up and everything looked ok. Just because the price is low doesn't mean its dodgy.

  smokingbeagle 15:20 20 Jan 2009

As illegitimate as AllofMP3 etc. that have gone before.

From the Soundsbox website "The availability over the Internet of the SoundsBox.com materials is authorized by the license # 49/ZM-07 of the Russian Multimedia and Internet Society (ROMS) and license # 49/ZM-07 of the Rightholders Federation for Collective Copyright Management of Works Used Interactively (FAIR). Under the licenses' terms, SoundsBox.com pays license fees for all materials downloaded from the site subject to the Law of the Russian Federation "On Copyright and Related Rights". All these materials are solely for personal use. Any further distribution, resale or broadcasting are prohibited."

Legal in Russia but not the UK.

  interzone55 15:42 20 Jan 2009

Thanks, Soundbox's web site is block by my work firewall, so I couldn't check it out properly.

Despite the claims there that licence fees are paid for all downloads, no artist ever received a fee for anything downloaded from AllofMP3, so I can't see Soundbox being any different.

As in all things, if a price looks too good to be true, then there's every chance it isn't.

iTunes and Amazon MP3 prices have been negotiated with all the major record labels, so there isn't a snowball in hells chance that a legit website would be able to charge 8p a track...

  john bunyan 16:00 20 Jan 2009

For old stuff where you have probably paid many times for a copy of vinyl, cassette etc, I see no problem with Radiotracker , which prodeces quite good MP3's from world wide radio transmissions. A modern version of the old days of recording Top of the Pops on tape. I am aware of the need to pay artists and buy iTunes etc regularly...

  Mark5001 13:43 29 Jan 2009

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