have to ever been to a wildlife park

  carver 09:45 25 Jan 2015

Have to ever been to a wildlife park and been pestered with monkeys and had say a wiper ripped off, well have a look at this and then think how do I fill in the insurance details.

  AroundAgain 10:15 25 Jan 2015

I'm not too sure of the scooter's riders sense. Very vunerable, I would have thought and, although interesting sight, might have been safer doing a U-turn and getting out of there fast ;)

Yes, the insurance claim would surely end up in the pile of 'nonsense' ones??? Premiums could be high out there???

Thanks Carver

  rdave13 11:13 25 Jan 2015

That must have been scary for the family in that car to say the least. Thanks for the video.

  Belatucadrus 12:23 25 Jan 2015

Quite few years ago somebody broke down in the local safari park, unfortunately for them one of the rhinos decided it didn't like them much. Yet another interesting claim form I imagine. Not too long after that one of the males got all amorous with a renault Laguna of all things.

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  bumpkin 13:23 25 Jan 2015

*Not too long after that one of the males got all amorous with a renault Laguna *

No accounting for others tastes:-) more than one large horn?

  csqwared 14:39 25 Jan 2015

And another awkward insurance claim.


  ams4127 22:47 25 Jan 2015

While living in Holland and working at RAF Bruggen in the late '70s, this story was broadcast on Dutch TV.

A man was visiting the Tuddern wildlife park and got stopped in the elephant enclosure by an very large elephant standing in his way. After waiting for some considerable time and with a large queue building up behind him, in desperation he blew his horn. The animal took umbrage at this and sat on the front of his car causing some damage. The man pulled out of line and reversed all the way back to the entrance where he complained to the management. They pointed out that blowing one's horn was forbidden and fined him a couple of hundred guilder for doing so!!

Fed up at this he managed to pull the damaged bodywork away from the wheels and had a couple of beers before proceeding home.

On the way he came upon the tailend of an accident so pulled over like everyone else to let the emergency services through. While sitting there a motorcycle policeman came by and noticed the damage to his car.

"Were you involved in the accident?" asked the cop. "No" he replied. "So what happened to your car?" He replied "An elephant sat on it!"

He was breath tested and wound up in court.

On hearing the story the whole court, including the judge, burst into laughter and he was told "Go home, it just wasn't your day!!!"

  Belatucadrus 20:36 24 Feb 2015

Seems the West Midlands Romeo Rhino is a fickle beast he's now dumped the Laguna for a Mitsubishi Warrior pickup truck.

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