Have the birds gone on holiday?

  Aitchbee 15:31 23 Feb 2014

My bird-feeding stations have been very quiet over the past week or so. All of the different species are absent - I used to get loads of sparrows, starlings, pigeons, magpies, doves, crows, jays, robin etc...

PS. I listened to this morning's nature programmme on Radio4 about starlings that inhabit the reed-beds of Somerset, about 750,000 [give or take a few] seem to like to congregrate round that 'neck of the woods'.

Any comments would be welcome.

  bremner 15:44 23 Feb 2014

Our feeders in Devon are overwhelmed with a wide variety of birds.

Perhaps yours are fed up with independance arguments and havie headed south for peace and quiet.

  Aitchbee 16:00 23 Feb 2014

bremner, you must be feedin' your birds 'champagne 'n' caviar'. Is that your secret ;o]

  carver 16:52 23 Feb 2014

I wish mine would go on holiday it's costing a fortune in peanuts and seeds.

Having to refill them every 3 days and I've got 3 seed and 2 peanut feeders, but the tip about coating in chilli powder works to keep the Squirrels away

  Aitchbee 17:03 23 Feb 2014

carver, I reckon that all of the adult birds must be on 'on a diet' for a while, so's they can attract a mate ... something that I've seen adult humans do ... I've observed many different humans runnin' up 'n' down' the pavements nearby, lately ... only water-bottles 'in-hand' ...

  carver 19:48 23 Feb 2014

Aitchbee I noticed in my younger days that the slim birds got the most attention but nowadays I go for the ones with weight on, they can't run as fast.

  Aitchbee 20:07 23 Feb 2014

Good advice, carver. I'll keep that in mind ;o]

  hssutton 21:48 23 Feb 2014

I've just cleaned out all my feeders, as there are no birds to feed apart from the occasional magpie. No idea where they have all gone. East coast of Lincolnshire.

  iscanut 22:00 23 Feb 2014

Plenty of birds here..all the tits, finches, sparrows, robins, blackbirds, blackcaps, etc mean refilling with niger seeds, nuts, seeds etc every day. Location, Devon.

  BT 08:15 24 Feb 2014

Not many around my way either. I've seen a few Bluetits and Great Tits in the bushes at the bottom of the garden, but only one Blackbird when there are usually several, and a couple of Wood Pigeons. One day last week there was a Heron perched on the roof of my neighbours garage.

One thing we have lots of are Gulls of various sorts. I went into the garden yesterday to put out a few bits for the Blackbird who seemed to be looking for some food and as I crumbled a handful of old crackers on the lawn there were about 50 gulls wheeling around above me. They didn't come down as I stood there for a while and they got fed up and went away. Don't know whether it was me or my big cat sitting next to me that put them off!

  fourm member 09:03 24 Feb 2014

Though it has been very wet this winter it hasn't been that cold. I suspect that the birds are ranging wider because there is plenty of food available.

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