Has Your Driving Licence Expired?

  peter99co 19:12 06 Jan 2009

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Many drivers have not noticed yet.

  IClaudio 19:13 06 Jan 2009


  robgf 19:18 06 Jan 2009

"The agency is sending reminders to drivers whose photocard is due to expire, and no one has so far been charged with failing to surrender their licence".

They are sending out reminders, so it's not a great problem.
The charge is a bit on the high side though, set by well paid public employees no doubt (ducks behind barricade).

  Condom 19:25 06 Jan 2009

I'm off overseas tomorrow for several months and I just checked mine out of curiosity. It runs out while I am away so on my return to these chilly shores looks like my first task will be to fork out some of my lucre for a new licence.

The only problem I have with these things is that my signature is rather up and down and the little box they give you to sign in is really for side to side signatures. It is the same with credit cards and the like where most of my signature never showed.

  Kevscar1 19:35 06 Jan 2009

Still got my paper one but it's in about 5 pieces now.

  peter99co 19:38 06 Jan 2009


  tullie 20:10 06 Jan 2009

No,i seem to remember this has been covered on the forum previously.

  peter99co 20:50 06 Jan 2009

Yes it has!
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  Stuartli 21:39 06 Jan 2009

Mine's also a paper version - issued in July 1964.

  ronalddonald 23:35 06 Jan 2009

nobody is admitting to their license can run out onto the road.

The DVLC has always made it clear than licenses have always had a life of ten years. They were never to be have a life time use. The Government knew this at the time they were issued and knew they would make a load of money. Now all the Government ha to do is increase the renewal fee and they've got us in an arm lock.

They already done this with passports and may be with these so called ID cards. So You have a choice pay £1000.00 fine or pay the £17.50 which may increase, also you can lose your license by speeding by being caught several times by those silly speeding cameras they have and the use of vans that have speed cameras so beware the tactics they are using, Ive already been caught out by their vans.

  ronalddonald 23:38 06 Jan 2009

with paper licenses do you still use them as ID when many organisations are asking for photo ID.

When i hire or rent a car the first thing they ask for is photo id, they will not accept the old paper license.

Could always show them a photocopy.

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