Has the world gone mad?

  techie4me 15:40 30 Nov 2007

LONDON (Reuters) - A man has been convicted of racially aggravated harassment after calling a Welsh woman English

Michael Forsythe was sentenced to 10 weeks in jail, suspended for 12 months, after being found guilty of racially aggravated disorderly behaviour, a court official said.

Forsythe received the sentence at Welshpool Magistrates Court on Tuesday and was also ordered to pay 200 pounds in prosecution costs.

The former lorry driver, who is originally from Northern Ireland, but lives in Powys, Mid Wales, called Lorna Steele an "English bitch" during an argument after he collided with her parked vehicle in the Welsh market town of Newport in February.

Forsythe has attacked the prosecution as a waste of time and money, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

"I find it unbelievable that I've been prosecuted for this," he said. "I've travelled all over Europe as a lorry driver and never had any problems with anybody and now they're officially calling me a racist.

"It's political correctness gone mad."

  sunny staines 15:41 30 Nov 2007

I agree too

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:03 30 Nov 2007

This makes the happenings in Sudan seem girly by comparison as the woman only got 15 days for insulting the Sky Pilots earthly emissary.Admittedly his 'sentence' was suspended. He was incorrect in using the word 'English' though.

Just a small point but on Planet Earth, when the tattoo parlour 2 visit, there are 3 races...Mongoloid, Caucasoid and Negroid. Welsh Scottish, Irish, English are nationalities.

To be truthful if someone tried to lever £500 out of me for a small scratch to a Ka, I would be calling them a lot worse. These two need to get a life and I'm sure this has done marvels in boosting Welsh tourism.


  ventanas 16:08 30 Nov 2007

So the "bitch" bit was seen as fair comment then.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:13 30 Nov 2007

Depends on the circumstances but trying to trouser £500 for a small scratch would warrant it and more in my book. I've been called a lot worse and have never felt the need to go to court.


  FungusBoggieman 16:16 30 Nov 2007

I cannot believe some of the things going on in our world at the moment, is it illegal the in the sudan to name something after there prophet then. Shame something isnt done then when another religous group in the uk goes around burning flags and crosses maybe we should take a leaf out of there book and follow example and jail then deport them.
this country is is also going up the wall just when I think the uk is somewhat normal as I write this the House Of Lords is having a debate on the thickness of sliced bread who is the thickest now.
I cannot see how just calling a welsh woman english would even get to court there must have been more to it, or is the CPS on there backs laughing with there legs in the air after a bit to much of the wacky backy.

  Pine Man 16:20 30 Nov 2007

'So the "bitch" bit was seen as fair comment then'

I would have thought so. 'Bitch' means the female of the species, which is exactly what she was. 'English' appears to be the part of the phrase which has the racial element and was ruled on at court.

  Cymro. 16:21 30 Nov 2007

Yes this is indeed political correctness gone mad but one that the English would never understand.
Try the same thing in Scotland or Ireland and you would get much the same result. In fact say something similar in most countries of the world and you would receive the same sort of reaction.

  mrwoowoo 16:25 30 Nov 2007

To put it more into perspective,one in four burglars are let off with a caution.
No the world hasn't gone mad,just the british sense of justice.
ventanas... In the circumstances calling someone an English bitch is rather insignificant and certainly doesn't warrent any legal action.
How someone can be so thin skinned truely amazes me,infact i wonder how they cope out there in the big wide world.

  lisa02 16:28 30 Nov 2007

He deliberately called her English knowing she was Welsh, thus insulting her nationality.

  Pine Man 16:30 30 Nov 2007

Exactly, so bitch is ok then.

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