Has The UKs EU Contribution Been Slashed Yet?

  Big L 266 08:39 20 Sep 2010


We read daily about monetary cuts to just about everything in the UK. With the government about to announce massive spending reductions including the so-called 'ring-fenced' NHS by around 25%,I have yet to see, read or hear anything about the reduction of the UKs daily 'contribution' of £44million-£54million (estimated figures depending where you read them) to the E.U. 'budget'.

Given that we squander the wealth of UK taxpayers propping up this oversized wasteful inept and grossly inefficient concrete edifice, and for which not one set of accounts in the past decade have ever been 'signed off' by accountants, I have yet to work out if our daily spend is coming down by say £11million to £14million per day.

Since such information is never mentioned in national newspapers, nor featured on the TV or radio, nor on governmental websites including Tory and Lib-Dem one, I can only assume our 'contribution' will stay at the original levels and thus been 'ring-fenced' by this shoddy not-fit-for-purpose coalition.

Can anyone better informed than me tell me and others who read this thread what the current state of play is please in respect of our EU budget?

Thank you.

Big L 266

  Kevscar1 13:10 20 Sep 2010

by this shoddy not-fit-for-purpose coalition

presumably as opposed to the shoddy not fit for purpose Labour Party who dropped us in the pit in the first place.

  Big L 266 17:18 20 Sep 2010


I stick by my original point about 'this shoddy not-fit-for-purpose coalition' as this isn't what people like me voted for.

The Labour Party is just shoddy and never been fit for any purpose in my lifetime. Mind you neither have the Conservatives!

An all-round shambles I'd say.

Big L 266

  john bunyan 17:26 20 Sep 2010

slightly out of date but worth a read.

click here

  john bunyan 17:28 20 Sep 2010

And an update
click here

  Big L 266 17:39 20 Sep 2010


j.b....Thank you for both links which I have just been reading. As you say,they're a bit out of date now,but agree entirely with the newspaper reporter about what else we could do with the money we chuck at the ghastly E.U.every year.

I just wish one of these spineless and gutless lot we elected would come in here and answer this question. Fat chance of that happening. Its something they'll never do - they've got no gumption to take on hard targets like them when soft ones like us lot are easier to deal with.

All the best.

Big L 266

  WhiteTruckMan 17:58 20 Sep 2010

You just keep hold of that dissatisfaction and the next thing you know you will be standing for election!


  Strawballs 18:30 20 Sep 2010

They announced today that the money to Pakistan would still go ahead because the oversees budget will not be touched because they don't want to affect the poor of the world. But they don't give a dam about the poor of this country that they are about to clobber.

  Uboat 18:53 20 Sep 2010

I like this Thread! i totaly agree with Big L! u hear VERY little of this? its the same as Charity begins at home.. we are sending hundreds of millions to other countries to help them and yet we are about to "Double Dip"? like i stated some months ago myself and my wife have just started our own business, we found almost zero financial help apart from £500! we went to a goverment funded company who told us that some 90% of the money to help new businesses for the UK had in fact been sent to Poland to help there economy???

Big L has made a good thread here! and my points above do relate to this thread..

  john bunyan 19:16 20 Sep 2010

To get Overseas aid in poportion, as a % of GDP thet" agreed" international target for developed countries is 0.7% of GDP. We are not there yet, at about 0.55 - less than Holland, Denmark, Belgium and even Ireland.We are about equal to France as % of GDP.As long as we make every effort to ensure that the aid is accounted for and used wisely it seems difficult, in spite of our difficulties, to argue for a cut. However, in the case of Pakistan, there are over 1 million people of Pakistan origin in the UK so if on average they sent £30, this could give a significant contribution to that country's emergency situation.

  Big L 266 19:20 20 Sep 2010


WTM....I just can't get no satisfaction at all WTM!How do you know I'm not already an MP?(Im not but I certainly wouldn't want to be one...I don't know how to be a back-stabbing, lying, two-faced, duplicitous, clueless clod!)

Strawballs....In these harsh economic times,the Pakistani government should tax their rich more and raise coroporation taxes to help their own people. (Notwithstanding the recent cataclismic events of the recent past.)

Uboat....Thank you for your kind comments.I wondered about this for a while.There is indeed no current news - apart from J.Bs. kind contribution to my thread - about E.U. budget reduction. Many people involved in setting up a business cannot get capital to do it because the banks don't want to help.All they want is a fast quid to pay overbloated salaries to pompous and disreputable banking executives and squander our billions in bonuses. Between us belonging to a 'one-size-fits-all' E.U. with a government that is powerless to act in its own right, and the increasing crass banking system in this country, its no wonder we'll be in 'double dip' recession.

I wonder if any MPs from the House Of Commons might look in and respond.

Big L 266

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