Has the UK got the highest tax rates???

  GEEKSTA 22:09 29 Sep 2008

I was just wondering..
does the Uk have the highest tax rates in the world??
If not, how far down are we from the top?


  peter99co 22:13 29 Sep 2008
  GEEKSTA 22:16 29 Sep 2008

thanksssssss!! :)

  peter99co 22:25 29 Sep 2008
  lofty29 09:14 30 Sep 2008

Very difficult to compare, since so many other factors come into the situation, such as NI contributions, other taxes, what you get in return, ie NHS. What your tax allowances are ie in cyprus £12000 pp py. and there you pay an extra 1ct on postage in tax.

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