Has Trump Lost the Plot?

  morddwyd 20:17 11 Feb 2012

Donald Trump accuses Alex Salmond of being "hell bent on destroying Scotland"


You can accuse Salmond of many things, but wanting to destroy Scotland is not near the top of the list!

Mr Trump shows a certain lack of understanding of what nationalism us, but on the other hand perhaps he just means that bit of Scotland that he is building his hotel on.

  Condom 20:29 11 Feb 2012

Perhaps he is worried that a windfarm could cause golfers balls to drift in the wind which on that coast is hard enough at present to figure out.

We used to do water jumps off Barry Budden and on the way down we often had to change our harness strategy as our landings went from water to land and so forth.

I'm afraid his protestations just added to the wind and were probably welcome as his hot wind would be a change from the present cold winds.

  zzzz999 06:07 12 Feb 2012

Of course the cynical might suggest he is looking for an exit to save himself having to build 500 homes as required as part of the planning permission

  zzzz999 10:44 12 Feb 2012

Dear Gawd is that the best you can do?

Should I just start listing some of the more distasteful characters from history that the Westminster Government, or indeed, the London School of Economics, have cosied up to?

The plans for the offshore wind turbines have been in place for about ten years, Trump knew all about them before he started building his golf course.

  Aitchbee 12:01 12 Feb 2012

Salmond has ruffled Trump's hair-do with his whirlygigs.

  Aitchbee 12:25 12 Feb 2012

John Daly, the British Open Golf Champion in 1995, wrote a book.. "My Life In And Out of the Rough"

Mr Trump might be askin' his caddy:- 'How the hell do I play this one?'

  badgery 13:25 12 Feb 2012

fourm member "..no different to any other politician especially the socialist ones"

Well said, that man, straight out of the Tory Central Office handbook of 'deflection techniques'!!

  spuds 14:10 12 Feb 2012

"How the hell do I play this one?"

Plan A or Plan B. Whatever, Donald Trump already knows how to play this type of game?.

On a personal note, I notice that Scotland are doing quite a lot of tourist advertising, regarding the beauty of Scotland. And not a wind farm in view!.

  wee eddie 16:09 13 Feb 2012

I don't necessarily agree with Donald Trump but, as a Businessman he is much more able than Alex Salmond. (I was about to say that "He could trump A.S.)

The present Campaign for Scottish Independence is more about Political Longevity and Personal Power than it is for the good of Scotland.

  morddwyd 20:34 13 Feb 2012

Personal power, maybe, bot Pol8itical Longevity?

Without Independence, or Devo Max, i.e. the staus quo, I could see Big Eck retaining power for a very long time

  Forum Editor 23:16 13 Feb 2012

I'm more interested in what Donald thinks he sees when he looks at his hair in the mirror each morning.

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