Has Spring sprung

  Grey Goo 15:09 10 Feb 2008

Took this around noon today in the front garden, the bees are out the blackbirds are fighting and this little fellow must have hatched due to the sunshine warming his environment up. Not sure if he will find a mate though.
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  Kemistri 15:58 10 Feb 2008

You need a macro lens!

I haven't seen any butterflies around here yet, though I haven't been looking for that sort of thing yet either, in the belief that it was still too early despite the good weather.

  Bapou 18:11 10 Feb 2008

A beautiful morning once the mist disappeared. I decided it was an ideal time to start reducing the height of the conifer hedge. Within minutes there's a resident blackbird on the hedge chattering away at me. I took this to mean it was a territorial issue - keep off!

Didn't think they would start this early in the year.

  Totally-braindead 18:12 10 Feb 2008


  [email protected] 19:56 10 Feb 2008

a spider (must have been a foot square, honest!) just put up a fair fight, but i got the two foot square monster out the window, have just ordered some extract of chestnut from betaware. been sunny all day here too (birmingham).

  oresome 20:04 10 Feb 2008

The warm weather gives me a false sense of it being an ideal time to take the dog a long walk.

It's still ankle deep in mud on the footpaths with water stood in hollows in the fields around here.

  Coffee Adict 20:32 10 Feb 2008

I wish my bergenia looked like that, one measly runty flower stalk is all I got. The butterfly has come out of hibernation I hope it makes it through the rest of the winter. Walking to work as I do I do a lot of 'gardening', i.e peering into peoples front gardens and I'm sure everything is about a fortnight earlier than it should be.

  Grey Goo 22:02 10 Feb 2008

Yes, but just grabbed the mobile and took snap.

  Grey Goo 22:05 10 Feb 2008

We use cocoa shell as a mulch, this breaks down and feeds the plants otherwise nothing special done to the plants.

  Grey Goo 22:09 10 Feb 2008

Yes I know about the spelling mistake in previous post. A Freudian slip maybe.

  Forum Editor 06:59 11 Feb 2008

It hibernated over the winter, and has emerged because of the rise in temperature. Unfortunately it may not survive, unless the temperature stays up, and it can find nectar. It also needs to find a mate, if the whole purpose of its hibernation is to be fulfilled.

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