Has the Bubble Burst?

  laurie53 09:56 12 Feb 2008

"Digital radio is not viable."

click here

Poor business plan, normal shakeout or a possible collapse of the DAB bubble?

  Quickbeam 11:53 12 Feb 2008

It's here to stay. There'll be some winners and losers, there always is with anything new... Beta max Vs VHS, Compact cassette Vs Eight track, HD Vs Bluray. Now we're looking at DAB Vs DAB plus click here

I've been an early adopter and think it's the best thing to happen since radio was kicked into touch by TV in the '50s.

There's plenty of lively discussion on the net for and against it... it won't disappear by next week!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:14 12 Feb 2008

Personally I think it is onto a loser. I bought a wireless internet radio and I have 9000 channels to choose from, most in crystal clear sound. Many people are buying small PCs for their living rooms and these can play internet radio as well. Digital radio = dinosaurs and are so twentieth c3entury IMHO


  Quickbeam 12:27 12 Feb 2008

But there aren't 9000 UK channels. You can get TV reception from around the world in the same way, but what do we watch? One of 4 or 5 mainstream UK channels.

There's plenty of life left yet in radio sets as an everyday piece of equipment, albeit mainly in vehicles until Virgin cable the M1.

  silverous 12:36 12 Feb 2008

I can see DAB being superceded by a superior format before it has been widely adopted. That has happened historically and is the name of the game if you are a relatively early adopter of any new gizmo.

  Quickbeam 12:47 12 Feb 2008

It's already happening, click on the above link re; DAB plus. But the old and new will be still work together, try this blog click here It's not in the industries interests to make new technology obsolete a week after selling it as new.

  Quickbeam 12:52 12 Feb 2008

When did you last look at car radio prices? There's nothing good enough for me, DAB or FM, below the £200/300 price tag. Most kids with money to burn are spending £1000 plus for a head unit!

  oresome 13:00 12 Feb 2008

With so many choices of what to listen to or view, the audience figures must be very small for some stations. Targetting specific listening groups via specialist channels will have benefits for advertisers, but nevertheless they'll want to see a fair size audience.

I've never listened to a commercial radio station, getting all I want from the BBC FM service.

Predabasaurus in Gandalf's view.

  Coffee Adict 14:41 12 Feb 2008

Now I'm depressed (feel some comfort eating approaching) I liked Planet Rock, only bought DAB radio last summer, must admit there is some real niche stations out there, came across a strange christian one the other day.

  wee eddie 15:18 12 Feb 2008

Don't worry ~ for all it's faults DAB will live on, possibly for another 10 years or so.

It's OK if you are not too fussy about the quality of reproduction.

ps: I have never been able to understand those that claim that their FM signal goes funny. Of course it does if you have not got your Radio properly Tuned. There are areas of the country where FM reception is sub-standard or a bit iffy, but that is frequently the same area where there is no DAB Reception at all.

  dagbladet 16:11 12 Feb 2008

forum member

"Well, I certainly know places where the car radio won't receive anything FM, AM or LW...
They're great and I sometimes make a point of driving along those roads to really get away from it all."

Do you really do this?

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