Has Anybody tried to steal your fuel yet ?

  peter99co 19:18 23 Jun 2008

With fuel costs increasing by the day, the fuel in your tank is worth more. Have you any good ways of stopping theft from your vehicle. There is a danger of telling the bad'uns the easy way to get our fuel but can we offer sensible tips to protect ourselves?

Keeping the car in the garage is not always an option.

Keeping a minimum ammount in the tank is possibly the best idea overnight thus reducing losses if the worst comes to the worst. A spare gallon kept in the boot just in case.

  Legolas 19:29 23 Jun 2008

The tragic story in he news tonight says it all a family returning to their farm caught a guy stealing diesel when they confronted him he drove off knocking down the couples son and the mans wife collapsed and died. click here

  DrScott 19:29 23 Jun 2008

most new cars had anti-syphoning mechanisms in them?

I suspect we might see a few more cases of petrol aspiration on ITU though. Petrol is very very bad for your lungs...

  octal 19:30 23 Jun 2008

Have you posted this in response to this sad event?
click here

The fuel is one thing, but someone paying with their life is something else.

  realist 21:04 23 Jun 2008

With my car it is commonplace for new owners to spend days in a state of panic whilst trying to figure out how to remove the fuel filler cap. An opportunistic thief would have no chance.

  peter99co 21:12 23 Jun 2008

No, It was discussed on the ONE Show (BBC) and I thought it was topical. They spoke about ideas to protect the car in various ways. Placing the car against the fence or hedge to prevent access to the filler and tank etc.

  John B 21:27 23 Jun 2008

seems the method of choice for some. Unfortunately the cost of repair far exceeds the cost of replacing the stolen fuel.

  GRIDD 00:40 24 Jun 2008

My sister-in-law had her home heating oil taken from her tank. Her back garden is small, and easily accessible from the road... though she quietly suspected (she didn't openly accuse anyone) her unfriendly & some what hostile neighbours, nothing could be proved.

  Chegs ®™ 00:50 24 Jun 2008

Beat me to it,I was going to say just this.I have lost fuel several times because the thieves simply drove a nail into the bottom of the tank.More modern cars though have the tank located in ever more inaccessible places,and additional anti-syphon systems fitted.

The theft of heating oil,red diesel,etc is a rapidly growing problem.Farms are particularly vunerable as they are often in isolated places,and the fuel storage is frequently away from the living areas.I recall the farm I worked on having an overnight raid on their heating oil tank,even though the tanks filler cap wasnt locked the thieves drilled a hole in the side.The resulting mess left by hundreds of gallons spilling across the yard took us weeks to clean up & cost the farmer a hefty chunk of cash(but not his life so I suppose he should be grateful)

  jakimo 02:40 24 Jun 2008

You'll have to put a padlock on your cigarette lighter next

  nota-clue 04:11 24 Jun 2008

3 guard dogs and plenty of signs.

Is a couple of gallons realy worth more than the use of an arm/leg. I think not.

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