Harry Potter 7

  Si_L 23:03 20 Jul 2007

Is released at midnight. Who's getting it?

I for one will not be up at midnight for it, but at £4.99 will get one tomorrow morning. The books are great, the films much less so.

Interesting facts: Harry Potter Google hits: 176,000,000

More than Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth II, Homer Simpson, Mike Tyson, Steven Spielberg, Jim Carrey, Johnny Wilkinson, Kurt Cobain, Peter Kay, Pope Benedict XVI, Gary Neville, Eric Clapton, Tony Blair, Paula Radcliffe, Peter Griffin, David Beckham, Pete Sampras, Keira Knightley, Neil Armstrong, Bridget Jones, Derren Brown, Katie Price (Jordan), Tiger Woods, Pierce Brosnan, Vincent van Gough, Harold Shipman, David Hasselhoff, The Stig, Simon Cowell, Lewis Hamilton, Chandler Bing, Our very own Paul Potts (aka Pavvi), David Blaine, Ronald Macdonald, Frodo Baggins, Sir Alan Sugar, Henry VIII, William Wilberforce, Bob Geldof, The Teletubbies, Isaac Newton, Robbie Williams, Uri Geller, Cristiano Ronaldo, Attila the Hun, Charlie Chaplin, Graham Poll, Albert Einstein, Immanuel Kant, Adolf Hitler, Jane Austen, David Walliams, Sir Ian Mckellen, Roger Federer, Aristotle, and Ronaldinho.

Put together.

Nothing short of a phenomenon...

  Earthsea 23:36 20 Jul 2007

I like the films but never read the books. I think there's much better children's literature around.

  gudgulf 23:40 20 Jul 2007

Read the books...........you might change your mind!

  gudgulf 23:41 20 Jul 2007

I will also be out tomorrow morning to get a copy.

  IClaudio 23:45 20 Jul 2007

I am the only person in the world never to have read a Harry Potter book. The films are fun...

I am also the only person in the world never to have seen even one Simpsons episode.

I have a pulse, but am probably not alive.

  gudgulf 23:51 20 Jul 2007

If you still have a pulse,there's time to catch up :D

  Blackhat 00:06 21 Jul 2007

I have never read a Harry Potter book, I have tried to watch some of the films, gave up early in. Everyone to their own taste I suppose.

Don't understand the overnight queing for something that you can buy the next day, day after day, anytime you want?

I am not ignorant of this genre of literature as I am currently writing my third book orientated for the younger, but the subject of the Potter books is not my bag.

I am well aware that the book is often better than the film but if you don't like the topic it don't make it better!

  Forum Editor 00:17 21 Jul 2007

You're right, there is much better children's literature available. Harry Potter is indeed a phenomenon, and I wouldn't want to detract from its success in any way, but there are far better written childrens books.

  acxxxx 00:29 21 Jul 2007

The books are a lot better than the films.

The films make a lot more sense if you have read the books.

Queuing at midnight fighting screaming teenagers to be at the front of the queue, no thanks I'll get it when I get round to it.

  Blackhat 00:35 21 Jul 2007

Quite right, there is a great deal of childrens literature of more value than fantasy novels. Potter is a phenomenon and will pass with time, there will be something else soon.

I hope it will be my books!

I am guilty of jumping on the band wagon though, I am currently writing an educational novel about climate change for the younger reader.

  Earthsea 00:40 21 Jul 2007

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