pcmags 15:52 12 Jan 2009
  Si_L 15:54 12 Jan 2009

For anyone wondering what this is about, the headline is "Army investigates Prince's racist remark"

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:02 12 Jan 2009

So we cannot call people Brits, Scots, Aussies, Turks, Greeks...this is the biggest load of PC cobblers dredged up by a newspaper for the mentally challenged and morally corrupt that I have ever heard.I would have had more respect for him if he had told them to naff off and grow up.


  rossgolf 16:06 12 Jan 2009

has anyone else realised that now all this stuff in the middle east is going on with the israelis and in gaza, this story has come out.? its taken 3 years and nothing has come out, but now all the fighting starts again, this decides to pop up out of the blue???

  Jim Thing 16:09 12 Jan 2009

GANDALF <|:-)> is spot on — it's a huge load of PC nonsense. Does anyone here object to being called a Brit. Or a Jock, or a Taff, or an Aussie perhaps? I thought not.

It seems there are people who get out of bed every morning wondering who'll be first to offend them today.

  Chegs ®™ 16:16 12 Jan 2009

From the linked article...

"He has apologised, quite rightly, and I think we should now move on."

I do too,but the darn media wont ever let this die.It was 3yrs ago and if it caused offence to Ahmed,why didnt he complain then? It also says in the article that "The Army will not launch a formal investigation because no complaint has been made. "

  Quickbeam 16:44 12 Jan 2009

When was it deemed to have become racist to use the shortened term for a Pakistani person? I have to say I never considered it as anything other than a shortened term. Thirty years ago it was as innocuous as calling a Scot a Jock or an Australian an Aussie. It's the obvious shortened version that trips off the tongue with ease, which is no doubt why it came into use.

So just when and why was it deemed to be as objectionable as the 'N' or 'W' words which are definitely historically grossly disparaging, and meant as such whenever they were used?

  Mike D 16:48 12 Jan 2009

So the father of Ahmed will not accept the apology until Harry has said sorry to the Pakistan government - ye gods, what for? Calling a Pakistani a Pakistani?
Shakes head in puzzlement.

  Quickbeam 16:51 12 Jan 2009

"The Army does not tolerate inappropriate behaviour in any shape or form."
OK to blow an opposite numbers brains out or bayonet their guts then?

I don't really think if you train someone to do that, they will ever be as completely civilised as office workers on their diversity days...

  Al94 16:56 12 Jan 2009

Kinda surprised this didnt get a mention here earlier! Not just the NOTW but virtualy every newspaper had it as main headline and all UK news channels covered it as their number one item all day yesterday. With the other major worldwide events, I was gobsmacked by this.

I fail to see that he has done or said anything wrong, What exactly is wrong with referring to a Pakistani as a Paki? If they're that sensitive then maybe they should stick to home territory. I have no problem with being referred to as a Paddy, and I suspect the majority of Scots, Brits, Taffs, Aussies, etc likewise as previously stated.

The press in this country really suck, invariably disproportionate coverage to ridiculous stories.

I hope Harry digs his heels in and treats these reports and the ramblings of the father of Ahmed with the disdain deserved.

  interzone55 17:04 12 Jan 2009

Paki isn't derogatory in itself, but it's often followed by the word bastard, so the two words become associated together so the word becomes offensive on it's own.

Also Harry's use of the word Raghead for an Arab is not in the best possible taste.

All this demonstrates is Prince Harry's limited intelligence, as he should be well aware that any morally ambiguous language that's put down on tape will one day come round an bite him on the bum.

Then again his grandfather isn't really the best role model...

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