Hard To Get.

  rdave13 21:32 27 Aug 2010

Just come accross this video (you tube) of Florence Rawlings - Hard to Get (Live). Music to please the ears and beauty to please the eyes.
Wonderful. Will study more of her offerings but I think Amazon or Play.com for CD.
The older I get the slower and more "melodious" my tastes get. You Tube has a lot to answer for. Best advertising site for music as I wouldn't otherwise have noticed on the radio.
Apologies if it has been posted before but well worth a listen again.
click here

  ashdav 21:51 27 Aug 2010

If you want melodious have a listen to this click here
I know music is subjective but definitely easier on the eye.

  ashdav 21:54 27 Aug 2010

Sorry. It's Bittersweet by Within Temptation, a Dutch group.

  rdave13 22:00 27 Aug 2010

Enjoyed immensely. I think the "type" of music would be called "ballads" but I refuse to recognise "types" of music. Either you enjoy pleasant sounds that can conjecture feelings, memories, or sounds that want to make you move (dance).

  ashdav 22:24 27 Aug 2010

I have to agree with you there.
I like music that gives that goose pimple feeling.
A couple more then someone else can make some suggestions..
click here Nightwish Ghost Love Score - Classical music but a rock band. Really kicks off at 5:30
click here Loreena McKennet The Bonny Swans

  ashdav 22:26 27 Aug 2010

If you're interested look up Bonny Swans in Google for the origins of the song.

  rdave13 22:33 27 Aug 2010

ashdav, many thanks. Enjoyed "Last Time" by WT. Superb ballad with a touch of 'rock' as background. Thank heavens CDs are comparatively cheap today. Will have a look at your other links tomorrow.
Thanks again.

  ashdav 00:01 28 Aug 2010

Before anyone comments,it's not Gary Glitter on violin in the Loreena McKennet video.

  ashdav 00:24 28 Aug 2010

As you got me trawling through YouTube,I came across this as an example why drugs,fags and alcohol are bad for you (she doesn't do any of them) click here
Remember Berlin from the 80s? Well she's 50 now.

  rdave13 19:46 28 Aug 2010

Had a trawl around and a Florence Rawlings CD is for the same price as the MP3 downloaded album.
Always thought that CD audio was better than MP3?
Delivery is also free for the CD.
Amazon; click here

£5.99 is a very good price. I suppose the point of downloading individual tracks is that you're not forced to listen to more music from the band/singer. Being old fashioned, albums always surprised me, as the less liked tracks used to grow on me simply because they were there to be listened to.

Can anyone confirm if the audio on a CD is better than MP3 ?

  DieSse 20:40 28 Aug 2010

"Can anyone confirm if the audio on a CD is better than MP3 ?"

Depends on the MP3 bitrate - but normally CDs are much better.

*PS - depends what you listen on too, of course!

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