Happy Birthday

  Weskit 10:47 09 Nov 2007

A bit perplexed by all the (well deserved)birthday congrats to Vog, is everyone's date of birth and age available on this web site? Otherwise how did mammak know?

  anskyber 10:48 09 Nov 2007

From here. click here

  Weskit 10:58 09 Nov 2007

Thanks, but what am I looking for?

  Totally-braindead 11:05 09 Nov 2007

I think they know each other Weskit and because Vog is such a regular here theres no harm to it.
If theres a query on Excel for example its usually Vog who answers as hes very knowledgeable about that.
If you look at djohns conversations on the website anskyber gave you a link to you will also see Vog mentioned there. And you will recognise a few of the names as well.
To answer your question no there is no record of dates of birth on this website its just people know him as hes been here so long.

  Totally-braindead 11:08 09 Nov 2007

And hes a moderator on that website as well. I think.

  Weskit 11:13 09 Nov 2007

Thanks both, just wondered if I had missed anything.

  youtruth 11:27 09 Nov 2007

anskyber, and there's me thinking that, in the past, one would be castigated for giving any links, from within this forum, for another web forum.

Didn't a journalist member of old be hot on this?

  anskyber 12:05 09 Nov 2007

It's fine as I'm sure you realise if in doing so it answers the question posed. In any event journalists of old, or anyone else for that matter, are not the editors here.

  Forum Editor 17:32 09 Nov 2007

Nobody at PCA will ever disclose any personal information to a third party about anyone who is registered with us.

Some people have been active in our forums for a very long time, and it's inevitable that over the years they'll have leaked little bits of information about themselves to others. I don't think that it's always a great idea for the 'others' to feel they have carte blanche to then publish the facts here, but a message of good wishes on a birthday is hardly giving away much.

  Forum Editor 17:43 09 Nov 2007

If there's any castigating to do I'll do it, and I'll do it without gratuitous little posts from you about journalist members. You've had numerous warnings about your habit of making barbed personal references and you still seem totally incapable of understanding the etiquette. I'm sorry that I have to make a public thing of this, but you've completely ignored my private warnings, and I'm getting regular complaints from other forum members. I want them to realise that I'm not ignoring them, so please heed what I say - my patience is at an end. You can make perfectly sensible and valid contributions when you want to - I've seen you do so - so stick to that in future, and leave the unpleasant little comments out of the equation.

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