Happy 25th Birthday :-)

  WhiteTruckMan 23:13 18 Sep 2007

click here

Just so you know...


  DrScott 23:15 18 Sep 2007


  Forum Editor 23:22 18 Sep 2007

a professor of communications at Stanford University says that emoticons give people "the ability not to think as hard about the words they're using."

which I find a tad worrying. It's an admission that lots of us feel it's no longer necesary to bother to construct sentences that adequately convey our meaning. Why bother to write expressively if an emoticon can tell people you're happy or sad, or that you're really only joking?

We're all doomed, doomed, I say.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:28 18 Sep 2007

When, as DrScott illustrated, you can abbreviate an abbreviation.


  Earthsea 23:38 18 Sep 2007

There's a lot of debate as to who invented the smiley, and when. Scott E Fahlman says it's him because he thinks it makes him look big and clever.

  wolfie3000 23:52 18 Sep 2007


  WhiteTruckMan 23:53 18 Sep 2007

that its an invention of the digital age, and as such was first used within living memory. Personally, I dont think that we will ever have a definitive answer to its originator, but I do think its quite interesting that such a simple thing has achieved virtually global recognition in such a relatively short period of time, circumventing language barriers in the process.


  newman35 07:58 19 Sep 2007

Can't remember ever feeling happy, so why should I care about these things?

  €dstowe 08:26 19 Sep 2007

"We're all doomed, doomed, I say."

Especially when you combine emoticons with that strange texting language.

  interzone55 08:43 19 Sep 2007

Are you Morrissey or Woody Allen?

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