Handle your Wiipon with care.

  Belatucadrus 14:44 08 Dec 2006

Some lucky gamers who've managed to snag a Wii seem to be regretting it somewhat click here

"Shigeru Miyamoto, the company's software division is "looking at ways to make players calm down"."

Simple introduce new really dull games like Wii Sims ironing or Wii tiddlywinks.

  rodriguez 15:25 08 Dec 2006

That's one thing you'd never trust me and my mates with when we were kids. We'd play properly at 1st, then it would all just turn silly and we'd go hyper and play up. Even if we were building things out of Lego after about 10 mins we would be throwing the bricks across the room at each other because we thought it was more fun. Mom would spend ages picking them up and they were all over the room and you'd always tread on one you missed later on. I can imagine the amount of chaos that would be caused if we had the Wii when I was a lad. Much more dangerous than the SNES we had to play about with... :-P

  Quiller. 16:14 08 Dec 2006

A basic Wii with it's Wii-mote controller has just sold on ebay.

£360 plus £20 p+p

The telephones have been red hot in some Game stores with enquires about the console. Rumours say that 50,000 units will have been sold by the end of the day.

They could be a busy time for A+E staff at Christmas if the users get over enthusiastic.

  Joe R 20:58 08 Dec 2006

Not long off one one, after a couple of hours. Superb!

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