Hand baggage on aircraft

  Colin 21:38 14 Aug 2006

I think that due to the recent restrictions on hand baggage on aircraft something good may come of it. If it means an end to passengers bringing on ridiculous amounts of hand luggage instead of what they are allowed. I am sure that many forum members have been amazed at what some people carry on to a plane. I used to wonder why people would queue at the departure gate well before the flight was due even though they had an allocated seat – it was so that they could fill up the overhead bins with their numerous holdalls, carrier bags etc. There have always been restrictions but they never seem to be enforced by airlines. It takes the biscuit when you get on the plane and no one has begun to take their seats near you, yet the overhead bin nearest to you is already full!

  bluto1 21:53 14 Aug 2006

I fly around this benighted piece of rock we live on quite frequently and I agree with your sentiments entirely. A woman with a baby in her arms carrying 3 bags that she swore were required by her child was allowed through. In the light of what has happened over the last few days she should be in prison.

  €dstowe 06:37 15 Aug 2006

I always take an absolute minimum hand baggage because I know that other extremely selfish passengers will have already filled the bin allocation for my seat - and just about all the other space on the aircraft.

Having a partner "in the business" I sometimes travel first class. It's no better there. There is more space, yes, but it is just as bunged up. There, though, it's Louis Vitton, Harrods and Fortnum's bags rather than BHS, Woolies and Tesco.

  oresome 09:16 15 Aug 2006

"A woman with a baby in her arms carrying 3 bags.... she should be in prison."


No wonder the prisons are at bursting point.

  Sethhaniel 09:39 15 Aug 2006

Diplomats still carry their unopened bags unchecked onto all flights
Most worrying on my last flight from Egypt when three suited foreign diplomats just brushed aside security and boarded our plane unchecked -

  bremner 09:49 15 Aug 2006
  Sapins 16:53 15 Aug 2006

I can count on one hand the number of times I have flown and I will be flying again next month. If I find hand luggage in the locker above my seat I will remove it and ask a steward/ess to return it to the owner.

  sirreaoscar 17:37 15 Aug 2006

If you want to fly you need to follow the security advise on hand baggage.

If you argue you may well get to spend time in a nice cell! Security is in place for a reason, trust those who decide & act in a mature way when being asked the security questions.

That way you will have a nice flight.

  sean-278262 20:42 15 Aug 2006

I find the same problem myself but I dont really worry over it. I have a laptop bag with me and a back pack with my other stuff. Backpack in the overhead lockers (crush other peoples belongings as I usually am first on the plane as I always arrive way too early). Laptop bag under the seat. It amazes me how few people use the under seat space.

  Chegs ®™ 20:54 15 Aug 2006

I must be an extremely easy passenger to placate as I have 1 holdall with everything in it and a pair of trousers with copious pockets for my passport/tickets,etc and as I'm unable to smoke I climb into a corner (window seat) and sleep away the journey.

  bluto1 23:32 15 Aug 2006

OK perhaps not prison, maybe the wrong departure lounge

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