Hamilton wins Chinese Grand Prix

  Marko797 10:20 19 Oct 2008

I didn't watch it, but seems LH won the above. Great news!

He's now 7 pts clear of rival Massa.

In Brasil (the final race), all he needs to do is finish in 5th or above, and we'll have a British F1 champion.

Fingers crossed that he wins after all the crap he's had to put up with, both last year and this year.

  Pine Man 10:55 19 Oct 2008


  peter99co 10:59 19 Oct 2008

Raikkonen slowed and allowed his team-mate to take second place at the end of the back on lap 49.
Team orders are forbidden under FIA - the sport's governing body - rules but Raikkonen said he no qualms about doing whatever was necessary to help Ferrari, even though Massa was largely unable to match his pace throughout the race.

  mark2 11:23 19 Oct 2008

seems that Ferrari are allowed to interpret the rules as they see fit and the stewards will go along with them. Just waiting for Hamilton to be docked points for daring to beat Ferrari off the line and disappear into the distance.

  jakimo 11:51 19 Oct 2008

Seeing the expressions of Massa & Rakkonen during the interview after the qualifying of the grid positions before the race & the looks by the Ferrari mechanics,followed by the sour grape comments from the rest of the F1 drivers gave Hamilton in the last 12 months said it all,how dare this upstart,this rookie, this boy,out perform the most experienced F1 drivers on the planet...Good luck to him.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:57 19 Oct 2008

He'd be champion now if he had kept his head last week in Japan.

Remember what happen last year, Raikkonen won the last race with Hamilton way down the finishing order to pip Hamilton at the post.

McLaren need to paint their cars red to stand a chance of winning a constructors championship :0)

  peter99co 12:01 19 Oct 2008

It is difficult enough for him to drive and win, without having the rules modified or interpreted to beat as well. He has done well to get where he is and I hope they don't foul his next race by bad sportsmanship.

  Legolas 16:41 19 Oct 2008

I agree with all the above. It seems to me, rightly or wrongly, that there are some who are hell bent on stopping Hamilton wining the F1.
Hope he does it in Brazil.

Also congrats to Andy Murray a great result beating Federer in the semi final. A champion in the making.

  peter99co 17:28 19 Oct 2008

Interesting comments from Max Mosley considering putting to tender the Manufacturing of Engines and Drive Trains for all the F1 cars.

  skeletal 17:33 19 Oct 2008

“Just waiting for Hamilton to be docked points for daring to beat Ferrari off the line and disappear into the distance.”

Yes, every race I watch now I get worried that some new “rule” is discovered that will result in Hamilton being given some penalty or other.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Brazil, but I do fear “they” will do everything they can to stop him.


  interzone55 18:02 19 Oct 2008

This is the system used in the US Indycar (or whatever it's called this week) series.

Each team has the same Honda engine, the cost per car is $2m a year, compare that to the several million per engine (lasts 2 races) for an F1 engine. The Honda engines are made by Ilmore Engineering in Brixworth, Northants

All teams in Indycar have the same chassis, produced by the Italian chassis builder Dallara.

I think a standard car spec will be very interesting, and highlight the true skills of the drivers.

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