"Hamilton wins...."

  IClaudio 23:43 27 Oct 2008

I've mentioned this before, but PLEASE THINK before you post threads devoted to the latest triumph in sport/Big Brother/X Factor. Especially when you just then say "...apparently, as I didn't watch it myself", which means that you're not really interested anyway.

But others are, and may have been otherwise occupied on the day of the event, and recorded it, hoping to watch at leisure at a later date. Without knowing the outcome beforehand, grrrr ;)

  Forum Editor 23:46 27 Oct 2008

and one which hadn't occurred to me before. I wish you luck with your request,though; we seem to get a thread within a few minutes of anyone winning anything.

  peter99co 23:47 27 Oct 2008

Well said! I thought I had missed it for a minute!

  Si_L 23:58 27 Oct 2008

What I hate the most is that they used to show the news before MOTD, and for big matches, I try not to hear the scores, but they will just blurt out 'Arsenal lose!' etc, without any warning!

  peter99co 00:18 28 Oct 2008

It may not be much of a suprise to hear he has won will it? I will still watch to see how it was done!

Maybe if a post is made the FE could wave his wand and make it disappear!

Or will we not look at Speakers Corner until the deed is done?

  Kemistri 00:29 28 Oct 2008

"...we seem to get a thread within a few minutes of anyone winning anything."

PCA members - quicker than Reuters.

  Mr Mistoffelees 07:11 28 Oct 2008

The race is over and Hamilton may, or may not, have won the race?

  ened 07:19 28 Oct 2008

The way things are with the FIA just because he has won the race doesn't necessarily mean he will keep the result.

Still worth watching to try to spot any rules he may have broken.

It will be interesting this w/e because not only will there be a result in the race but also the Championship.

Dare Mclaren celebrate immediately after????

  Picklefactory 08:04 28 Oct 2008

My suggestion is 'Hamilton result enclosed in post BEWARE'

  interzone55 08:52 28 Oct 2008

I think we should be OK, because the last race is in Brazil, so will be on here in the early evening, rather than very early in the morning...

  skeletal 09:31 28 Oct 2008

“Still worth watching to try to spot any rules he may have broken.”

Can be very difficult as the broken rules are usually made up after the event...


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