The Hallelujah to No 1 race,

  Quickbeam 07:53 17 Dec 2008

is all down the the presumptuous arrogance of TV producers deciding they can control the gullible members of the record buying public that can't think beyond the control they've had taken of their 'texting thumb'.

For decades, this highly competitive and coveted prize in pop culture has randomly gifted some great, and spurned some dire number ones along the way, all down to personal opinion of course:), and has created interest among most age groups.

What we're seeing is a rejection of this assumed ability to create the Christmas No1 at will. They'll probably pull it off again this year, but I predict that for next year the music industry will have learnt how to make it competitive again on an even playing field for all.

  laurie53 08:22 17 Dec 2008

I'm out of touch again!

The only Hallelujah song I know is the one usually sung at Easter.

Anybody got a quick link to bring me up to speed please?

  Quickbeam 08:40 17 Dec 2008

1. click here The one they decided 'will' be No1
2. click here The original.
3. click here The most talented version.
4. click here The un-talented version!
5. click here The version I didn't know about 'til alB brought it to my attention.
6. click here The Ruffus wainwright version with lyrics.

  canarieslover 08:47 17 Dec 2008

They all sound like they will send me to sleep after my Christmas dinner. What a miserable sounding Christmas this will be. Still I've always got the Pogues to cheer me up!!

  Quickbeam 08:54 17 Dec 2008

That's why the Queen's speech is on Christmas afternoons!

  interzone55 09:23 17 Dec 2008

I'm at work so You Tube doesn't work, I can guess the rest, but who are links 4 & 5.

Also, did you hear the program on Radio 2 the other week with Guy Garvey going through the history of the songs and it's many versions - I'm sure it'll be repeated over the festive period...

  canarieslover 09:48 17 Dec 2008

I reckon the Queen's speech will be invigourating compared to any of the renditions you've listed.

  Cymro. 13:01 17 Dec 2008

click here

Above link to a version that I doubt if many of you will have heard before. It is the first time for Leonard Cohen to let a non English version be recorded of this song.

I hope you like it and at least it is different.

  wee eddie 13:36 17 Dec 2008
  ventanas 14:30 17 Dec 2008

My personal favourite
click here

But, only ever bought one Christmas No1.
Return To Sender 1962

  €dstowe 15:37 17 Dec 2008

Woolworth's have 200,000 copies if anybody feels deprived.

click here

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