Halifax shre rights issue

  the hick 07:09 16 Jul 2008

I have the opportunity to buy some of these, but not convinced its a wise investment. Anyone any views on these? I havn't seen much in the papers about them, but I dont buy one regularly any more. I get the impression, its a bit of a desperate measure, but far from experton financial stuff!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:27 16 Jul 2008

Halifax are desperately trying to raise cash as it is in deep trouble,like all financial institutions. They are raising money to finance their debt that is accruing daily but there is no way, at the moment, that they can service any more debt. In fact it is difficult to see how they can ever finance it as the figures do not add up. The mortgage market has disappeared which was their cash cow, they have been left with many dodgy mortgages (many from the States bought as bonded debt notes) which cannot pay the principal and they have a staggeringly large exposure to unsafe loans and credit notes. As things get worse in The States, they will follow suit here as European financial institutions bought 70% of the debt from the States which is now bad and is likely to be unredeemable.

Halifax are not in as much trouble as Barclays (£2.5 trillion exposure), RBS (£2.4 trillion exposure), HBSC (in the deepest part of the financial ocean with too much exposure to the East as well as the West) and Bradford & Bingley (the next Northern Rock) but they are not in a good financial state.

You have to remember that the people asking you to invest are the same schmucks that didn't see the serious financial chaos that they were creating and they are totally unaware of the principal of spiralling inward finances seeming to think that there would be a bottomless pit for money without causing inflation and they were totally unaware that buying bad loans is not the way to make money.
Your call as you will be dealing with people whose intelligence levels is the same as my shoe size and whose greed surpasses all fiction.


  BT 07:38 16 Jul 2008

Advice on Motleyfool last week was that it is not a good deal.

  zzzz999 07:42 16 Jul 2008

Clydesdale Bank (Australia Group), Bank of Ireland and Santander never got involved in the bundled debt garbage that our oh so clever, huge bonus paying, high street banks got involved in. Result, these three banks are creaming it in.

  John B 07:52 16 Jul 2008

click here

You do have to complete a simple registration process to use the calculator.

  Forum Editor 08:03 16 Jul 2008

that's something you'll have to seek elsewhere I'm afraid.

You should not rely on any of the opinions expressed here when making your decision.

  the hick 08:03 16 Jul 2008

Thank you all for replies, my views are similar to Gandalf's. Would they have been better to remain mutual, I cannot work out the benefits and dis-benefits. I'll put the cash I would have spent here toward my holiday fund instead!

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