Halifax bank changing address ???

  Uboat 16:20 07 Feb 2011

Ive just been into town with my new "as of today" passport, i went with the wife & wanted to change my address, so i went to the counter where the woman said have i got any Utility bills with my new address on?

i said no but ive got my bank card/s & my new passport also other forms of photo ID, the woman told me they cannot change my address unless i had a letter stating my new address even if it was from the local Library?

She went on to say if i called the bank they could change it over the phone cause they do security checks?

So i am in the bank with my new passport and 5 other forms of ID proving who i am & they wont entertain me.? & yet over the phone with only a couple of words they will do the exact same.?

Maybe it is me but i would of thought if someone goes into the branch with more than sufficient ID like i had they should of changed my address, i mean i wasn't asking to take money out?

  uk-wizard 16:37 07 Feb 2011

You should be pleased - a very secure system. *grin*

  jakimo 16:41 07 Feb 2011

perhaps wearing a hoody and sun glasses made her suspicious

  interzone55 16:44 07 Feb 2011

A lot of times I think these staff who say something can't be done are simply making excuses so they don't have to fill out some forms...

  BRYNIT 16:49 07 Feb 2011

You should have asked if they had a phone you could use to phone the bank.

  KremmenUK 07:12 08 Feb 2011

I recently opened a Nationwide account in a local branch.

I did not have to supply any ID at all !!!!!

They asked who I was and where I lived and their 'computer' said that I was authorised.

I've never been with them before so I was a bit taken aback.

When the documentation arrived I noted that it was a joint account even though only I attended. They must have access to other banks info as the joint account info was identical to my other one at another banking group?

  Forum Editor 09:10 08 Feb 2011

for acting as it did.

Anyone can enter a bank with a false passport and driving licence, but nobody else should be aware of the security check details that you'll be asked for over the phone.

  morddwyd 10:39 08 Feb 2011

It is not your account security they are particularly careful about, but not breaching the money laundering regulations, which are very strict.

  spuds 11:14 08 Feb 2011

Some of these checks are based on the electoral roll, but I wonder how many people move around and in between the censors. The same for utility bills or other credit checks?.

I had a friend who produced a passport once with a financial deal, and she was told that it was of no use, but her credit card details were. Try telling that to border control, unless you are a corrupt nation with a scam going on?.

  morddwyd 19:47 08 Feb 2011

"Actually, they aren't as strict as people think they are. "

How do you know how strict Halifax's rules are?

I didn't say laws, I said rules, and each bank has their own.

I know my own bank's are very strict.

  Uboat 22:15 08 Feb 2011

Thanks for all the replies guys! i see their point now!


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