Half Life Game

  Jai 10:15 20 Oct 2007

Not been playing PC games for about 3 yrs now, but have noticed that Half Life 2 - Orange Box is out. Could someone out there give me a run down on this ie is it an extension or add on or full game etc. I did play Half Life 1 on every difficulty (twice) when it was out but I seem to have drifted away from its development/sequels etc. Thanks.

  Colin 13:54 20 Oct 2007

Half Life 2 - Orange Box contains the full version of Half Life 2 as well as Episodes 1 & 2 that carry on after the end of Half Life 2. I enjoyed Half Life 2 but have not played either of the 2 episodes.

  mrwoowoo 16:48 20 Oct 2007

Theres even more.The original Half-Life 2 game. Half-Life 2: Episode One and Episode Two add-on levels are also on the disc, as are the stunningly complex puzzle game Portal and the online phenomenon Team Fortress 2.
Alot of amazing games for a great price.
Average ratings for the game are around the 94-95% mark.
What are you waiting for....BUY IT!

  citadel 17:44 20 Oct 2007

It is only worth having if you want to play team fortress online as episodes 1 and 2 are short and you can get through them in 8 hours total.

  Jai 10:15 21 Oct 2007

Thanks for replies fellas. My wallet will son be a lot lighter!!

  meantiger2003 19:37 16 Jul 2008

can anybody help me
half life

i keep getting failed to lock index buffer in cmesh dx8::lock index buffer

its driving me mad

what is it

  mrwoowoo 20:02 16 Jul 2008

Normally this is an ATI issue.I take it you have an ATI graphics card.
Are you on xp and is the game Half life or Half life?
In the meantime update direct x and your graphics driver.
If Half life,have you tried to play in compatibility mode for windows 98.

  last starfighter 20:06 16 Jul 2008


Woolfie3000 is the man to ask...

  wolfie3000 22:30 16 Jul 2008

Ironicly im not really the person to ask,

Iv tryed halflife, portal and the orange box and none of them work on my pc,
not sure why but there you go.

One solution is to install steam, if you have an Nvidia card you will get some games free with it such as portal.

click here

And heres the free games you get with steam and an Nvidia card.

click here

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