Half Life 2

  The Sack 23:36 02 Jan 2005

What a very poor ending.

  Starfox 00:00 03 Jan 2005

You mean you actually understood it!

  Urotsukidoji 10:11 04 Jan 2005

it did not end

it stopped.

guess who wants to make half life 3?


  jerichobob 11:12 04 Jan 2005

You guys are too good for me. Ending? What's one of those?

  Praxis99 12:50 04 Jan 2005

I too thought the ending was a cop out and also that the last two levels where far too easy to complete. That coupled with all the Steam nonsense you have to put up with made for all in all an unsatisfactory experience.

Needless to say that its already been deleted from my PC and marks (for me at least) pretty much the end of my game playing days! at least with this genre of games and certainly with anything that you can only access via Steam.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 13:28 04 Jan 2005

I can't say I expect much different for the ending - but surely, the joy is in playing the game, and not in some ending sequence?

The Steam nonesense didn't turn out too badlt for me, I had no problems creating an account, or registering my version of Half Life 2 - the install may have taken a good long while, but I thought that the game was more than worth it.

True, it was very linear, and there was little option to explore, but I enjoyed it all the same - I've not played the game since finishing it, although I may go back and play with some of the mods at some point - the driveable Strider one for instance, or the one that allows you to rotate objects that you are holding... Which was sorely missing from the game.

So, there's still the mods, then Half Life 2:Death Match (killing people with bits of furniture has never been so much fun), and to finish things off - I can always go and kill some time on Counter-Strike:Source...

  Lead 17:58 05 Jan 2005

Counter Strike?! Doesn't this forum have a swear filter? ;)

I haven't finished HL2 yet, I've been too busy killing people with radiators! :) Online, multiplayer action is the way to go with HL.

  jorel 22:38 06 Jan 2005

Ending? Ending? I wish I could get it to run past the starting without freezing lol. I've only been past the Load Options page once, and it froze when I pressed escape to alter the game options and hasn't worked since.

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