half life 2

  daeburndave 20:32 19 Nov 2004

another week another game. is no one out there playing HL 2? As it took me 2 days of trying from 0700 hrs till midnight to finally become a Steam customer there must be millions playing it. Whilst i accept that Valve et al need to protect their baby from copyright pinchers, to have to register online probably the most eagerly awaited game of all time with millions of other punters nearly drove me potty. Did anyone else suffer, and do they think it was worth it?

  citadel 00:00 20 Nov 2004

I looked at the forums for half life 2 and there are many angry customers. I had a laugh at the comments directed to valve and steam, which were uncensored.

  Forum Editor 00:10 20 Nov 2004

to have such a successful product. The angrier people get, the more publicity the product receives, and the higher the sales figures go.

I wanted to wait until i had a few mates play it.... Purly becuase it was hyped beyond belief and then got pushed back further and further...

But alas i am going to become one of the million's playing this game hopefully in the next 2 week's.. just need to finish off a few other games first!!

  GibsonSt19 12:29 20 Nov 2004

And I must say, despite it being a pain to install and register, it's a truly awesome game.

  Unlucky Bob 03:12 21 Nov 2004

I had my copy delivered on the 16th. Desperate to play it, and the thing wouldn't work on my machine!!
See this thread for the saga:

click here

So what I've had to do is order a CDRom copy from a foreign (Hong Kong, I think) supplier to (hopefully) get it to work on my machine. Then I get an email from them saying that they are out of stock and may be able to deliver one by the beginning of december!!

Now you know why I'm called unlucky...

The game had better be worth it!!!

  powerless 04:07 21 Nov 2004

HL2 is not my type of game as i'm more of a FPS from the likes of Delta Force, Far Cry, etc.

I did own a copy of the original Half Life but returned it as i got fed up of tip toeing around trying to find a switch, a lift and all that. Never did actually get fire a gun :-(

I bought HL2 because I read in Custom PC that, well something like:

"Doom III allowed objects to look realistic. HL2 allows objects to react relaistically."

I installed HL2 and pretty much striaght away i was fed up, to much finding and not enough action.

But i'm still playing at it, all graphic options up to the max and it runs like a dream. Some of the visuals are stunning...

After 3/4/5 years of development it's an awesome-awesomenss game...and it's one to keep.

But as HL3 is in the making or so they say, it looks like Valve can do one better.

Watch >>THIS<< space.

The game is worth it baby.

  Praxis99 14:10 21 Nov 2004

I brought a 9600XT in Jan this year which came with the voucher for HL2. While its something I've hardly been waiting for with baited breath for since I have effectively paid for it in the purchase price of the card I thought I may as well get it as a download from Steam and see what the fuss was all about.

I assumed I would download the game and that would be that, but as anyone who has done so will know you have to have the steam client running to use the game.

The game is a huge download even on broadband and I am still waiting for it to update itself to the position where it can be played in offline mode.

I think the whole thing is a dogs breakfasts and sincerely hope that other game (or software developers in general) don't try going this route in the future.

Where it not for "free" (though my time is money) I would not have tolerated this level of inconvenience in what should be a simple installation.

As Homer Simpson would say Grrrrr.....

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