Had my first AIWS attack this year :(

  wolfie3000 16:53 13 Sep 2009

For many years now iv suffered from Alice in wonderland syndrome and had quite a few attacks but recently iv managed to get them under control and never had any attacks this year until a few hours ago.

Its a pretty rare condition and not much is known about it.

Sometimes an attack can get either surreal to terrifying, and the attack i had today scared me witless.

Heres some info on the condition.

click here

But with the attack i had today which was a big one does this mean i should expect more soon?

  nangadef 17:05 13 Sep 2009

wolfie that sounds scary.

I think that only fellow sufferers or a professional can answer your question.

All I can offer is my sympathies.

  sunnystaines 17:06 13 Sep 2009

I know all about it, I get something similar regarding noise leading up to cluster headaches and migraines some base noise is magnified out of all proportion.

If you get the vision distortion it must be dreadful for you, how long does it last?

  wolfie3000 17:11 13 Sep 2009

The attacks last around 10 to 30 minutes, im in the middle of another one at the moment, im kinda freaking out as i type and im having problems picking objects up as my depth perception is a little messed up.

That makes 3 now today, im getting more than a little worried, iv never had this many in such a short amount of time before.

But thanks for all the sympathy it in someways gives me some comfort atm.

  oresome 17:15 13 Sep 2009

Considering it's a rare condition and not much is known about it I doubt you will get a definitive answer from this forum.

I presume you have sought medical help both in the past and following the most recent attack.

  wolfie3000 17:22 13 Sep 2009

Well i have been examined by a phyciatrist in the past about it but as you said not much is known about it so treatment is near impossible,

As for today i will seek help if the attacks continue into tomorrow.

One thing that worries me is that you can even have attacks while asleep and they often can be even more terrifying.

Guaranteed if you have an attack while asleep you will have horrific nightmares along with it.

  Forum Editor 18:40 13 Sep 2009

of any kind, wolfie?

Do you suffer from migraine or epilepsy?

It might be an idea to seek medical help as soon as you practically can.

  SB23 19:03 13 Sep 2009

It doesn't sound very nice at all Wolfie, and I'm surprised that I haven't heard it talked about before, especially considering the symptoms you describe.

I'm with the FE, not much may be known about this, but I would get my butt to my GP asap, at least for a chat to explain what you're going through.

I do hope these attacks as you say, go as quickly as they came.


  dukeboxhero 19:24 13 Sep 2009

Wolfie i see on your link quote(I believe that my AIWS symptoms have lessened due to changes to diet and lifestyle) Might be an idea to mark down what you have ate when the attacks are at there worst,to see if theres anything that might trigger the attacks, wish you well with this wolfie.

  jack 20:27 13 Sep 2009

It appears to be what you metabolize either on its own or in combination with other foods/drinks
try to keep a list.

  sunnystaines 21:37 13 Sep 2009

have you had a blue dye brain scan, mine found lesions in the frontal lobe that cause many problems which in turn cause more lesions these affect perception and cordination.

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