Had any 'FINDS' in Vinyl?

  peter99co 15:02 22 Apr 2008

It is amazing what you can find in these places

click here

  Stuartli 15:29 22 Apr 2008


However, my main misgiving about this particular charity (and why I don't donate to it or similar organisations) is the level of administration costs.

  Coffee Adict 15:43 22 Apr 2008

Regret to say I'm in that camp too, seeing the salary offered for some positions is an eye opener and yes I am aware of the arguments about attracting the best, professional careerists (is that a word) are not neccessarlly the best. In the main I support small local charities

(memo to self: stop using words you can't spell)

  Cymro. 15:57 22 Apr 2008

I dumped my vinyl collection some time, ago also to a charity shop. I sometimes wonder if that was a mistake as there may well have been some very good finds in the collection.

My only consolation is that the really valuable stuff has to be in mint condition and the records I gave away were far from mint condition.

My daughter works for a national charity so like Stuarty I have my reservations about large charities. I think that some of them go in for "empire building" and are apt to forget the people who they are suppose to help.

The only charities that I absolutely refuse to donate to are anything to do with animal welfare or political parties.

  Bingalau 16:06 22 Apr 2008

Stick to the "Sally Army" They are the best...

  Cymro. 16:25 22 Apr 2008

I think that I would go for medical research, self interest again I suppose. Anything but the cats home would do though.

  Cymro. 16:30 22 Apr 2008

I even gave away a Beatles 45 rpm of Love my do on the original Parlophone red label. It was not in good condition though. How much do you recon it was worth then?

  interzone55 16:38 22 Apr 2008

When charities are referred to as NGOs, Non-Governmental Organisations, maybe they're a little too big.

On the other hand, they need to be as big as Oxfam to manage the kinds of projects they're involved with.

Look at the work carried out by Medecins Sans Frontieres click here , they're the first people on the scene during civil wars & famine. I bet the running costs of that charity are on the high side.

  amonra 16:54 22 Apr 2008

I went up into my attic last summer and found this old box of vinyls, all saucer shaped from the heat ! They had been stored vertically and must have slumped in the heat. I put them down flat and left them to "mature". I'll check them again in a few years ................

  peter99co 17:01 22 Apr 2008

My own favorite charity shop is a 'Sally' and I give more than I buy but do raid the LP's.

We had a 'Sally tea wagon' visit on Salisbury Plains once and the Cuppa was great.

I have found a few good LP's and even collections.

  Bingalau 17:20 22 Apr 2008

peter99co. The Sally Army waggon always got to us whether we were in the Malayan Jungle or the mountains in Cyprus chasing that Grievas fella. Also numerous other places. Then, a lot later along would come the NAAFI and take over... Of course the top brass had shares in NAAFI. But I also notice that the Sally Army have people on the streets of the big cities, helping the down and outs that nobody else will look at. So that's my second charity. My first is and always has been "Home".

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