Had any computer accidents?

  smartpoly 13:10 09 Jun 2009

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Figures are up, not un-expected.

Any forum members care to share your woes.

  Picklefactory 13:12 09 Jun 2009

... had moved my work pc around to a different angle under my desk to access CD drive, and forgot to push it back.
Caught my knee a treat on the corner of the damned thing when I next sat down.


Hate computers :o(

  Chris the Ancient 14:36 09 Jun 2009

My problem is self-inflicted! And even worse, I know I do it.

I have a bad habit of propping my left elbow on the desk and my chin in my left hand. Especially if there is a lot of mouse work rather than keyboard work. The result, a stiff neck and a sore trapezoid muscle.

There again, I don't suppose that's an accident - it's more deliberate; and I should know better. :-((

  bjh 17:32 09 Jun 2009

Many years ago, I had a favoured old SOLID HEAVY metal case that I kept reusing for rebuilds. It had a key to lock the case together, and the lock poked out of a finger-sized hole. On one of its many rebuilds, the lock had to be detached from the case, (I forget exactly why - maybe putting a drive in or summat..)...and it dropped into the case/chassis space at the front...

With a careful wiggle of a finger through the hole from the outside, and a screwdriver from the inside, I could lift it up and orientate it back towards the hole.....

... but I couldn't get my finger back out of the hole whatever I did!

It took me about 20 minutes and considerable pain to extricate myself. I was in a busy lab building, but was far too embarrassed to call anyone in from the corridor to come to my aid.

Never admitted that one before either....

  Input Overload 18:50 09 Jun 2009

As I seem to be totally paranoid I now back my data including images of all 5 PC's onto 3 external hard drives one which is hidden in case I get robbed. On that 1TB drive all software & data is there.

I once while fiddling with the back of a PC in low light (486 66Mhz) about 12 years ago switched it from 240 volts to 115, there was a flash & a bang & the PS was destroyed. I thought at the time the mainboard & RAM, parts etc which were then horrendously expensive had bit the dust but with a new PS all was well.

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