Hackers 'expose global warming con!

  Uboat 15:18 21 Nov 2009

Yes i know its the daily mail BUT its worth reading! seen as its affects us all!

click here

  ened 16:08 21 Nov 2009

I always did find it convenient that the Climate Change Armageddon prophesies climaxed just as we had a Chancellor who was continually seeking new and different ways to tax us!

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:46 21 Nov 2009

I'll be taking claims made by hackers with an axe to grind with a large bucket of salt.

  caccy 19:37 21 Nov 2009

Perhaps the "hackers" are if fact the many anti "Global warming/climate change " scientists that are not invited to the "Global warming/climate change" jamorees.
(Ater all you woudn't invite the opposition to a party politcal conferece would you.)

  bremner 19:58 21 Nov 2009

Until someone produces irrefutable proof that the climate change is not a natural climate cycle it will continue to the case, with so many ready or already making billions from the fear that it is man made, that I will remain a skeptic.

  Strawballs 22:49 21 Nov 2009

They don't call it Global Warming and more since the average stopped going up in 1998 now they just call it Climate Change

  zzzz999 09:49 22 Nov 2009

oh dear oh dear. Those cars getting washed down your street mean nothing then, or is it more like you want to continue using resources without having to think about the damage you are doing. All of the evidence put forward for global warming/climate change is subject to the full rigours of critical peer review, unlike a couple of e-mails stolen by the Daily mail. But you believe what fits with your own selfish agendas.

  zzzz999 09:58 22 Nov 2009
  bremner 10:01 22 Nov 2009

I am very much devils advocate here. I believe we are polluting the planet and need to stop doing so but...

...what proof is there that this iceberg has broken away because of mans action and not the planets natural climate cycle.

  ened 12:52 22 Nov 2009

You are being a tad silly.

It has not been proven that the activities of mankind are to blame for our changing climate.

I believe this planet is too great to be affected solely by the activities of it's inhabitants.

There have been freak weather conditions which have caused tragedies for centuries and will continue to do so.

I do my bit to assist the landfill problem and others but I resent having my taxes upped at every opportunity especially as the money raised (despite promises) has merely been used to plug Gordon's Black Hole!

  johndrew 12:55 22 Nov 2009

Given the suggestion that `it` all ends in December 2012 click here does it really matter :-)

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