hacker 14 days to appeal extradition

  Sethhaniel 09:08 07 Jul 2006

click here

pity they can't catch the rest of them who cause untold misery to the computer user ;(

  SG Atlantis® 15:45 07 Jul 2006

the yanks are exaggerating, he shouldn't be going.

  Jimmy14 16:11 07 Jul 2006

I bet he will appeal against the extradition but the question is will he be granted, its the american goverment we're dealing with here!!!

  Teaboy 17:00 07 Jul 2006

The allegations he faces are serious. The damage he is said to have caused is fearsome.The costs colossal. He admits to hacking. Hacking is not an acceptable practice, and must be dealt with severely. Therefor he should definately go.

  Jimmy14 18:23 07 Jul 2006

are going to the bother of prosecuting Gary Mckinnon and applying for him to be extradited for "hacking" into military based computers for possible information on UFO's. I don't see how doing this can cause damage like $700,000 (£375,235). What about the REAL CRIMINALS in our world hacking into citizens computers for BANK DETAILS, PERSONAL INFORMATION and even trying to break other peoples computers for a hobby? Do they get arrested and jailed for the possible "60" years that Gary Mckinnon is facing? The answer is NO. Much has it cost the taxpayer for Gary Mckinnons arrest in London, trial since 2002 and now extradition? What a complete waste of PUBLIC money.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:29 07 Jul 2006

One would have rather hoped that the Americans had slightly better security. Hey ho.


  Forum Editor 22:24 07 Jul 2006

such as "the yanks are exaggerating" and "What a complete waste of PUBLIC money."

It might be an idea to try to absorb some of the implications in this case.

1. McKinnon deliberately and knowingly broke the law - both here and in America.

2. Hacking into another country's military computer network is a serious crime - regardless of the ease or otherwise with which it is accomplished, and regardless of the hacker's version of why he/she did it.

3. The man in question spent some two years at this - it wasn't the result of some passing whim.

Unfortunately it's probably impossible for any debate on this case to proceed in a mature fashion. Anti-american feeling runs so deep in some people that they'll knee-jerk a response, simply because america's involved. Most of them have little real understanding of the true facts in this case, and most of them don't really care, their only concern is to offer blind support for a man they know virtually nothing about.

Our Home Secretary does know something about the case, however, as does the judge who granted the extradition order in the first place. One assumes they had a little more information than is available to us. Normally there are strict rules involved in extradition, it isn't just something you do because the other country asks you. Arrangements between oursleves and America with regard to extradition have undergone changes quite recently, and not everyone is entirely happy with the new treaty. Effectively, we agreed to remove the strict requirement for America to provide us with evidence of 'dual criminality' before we will extradite, although this wouldn't have applied in the McKinnon case - he admitted breaking the UK Computer misuse act, and he is clearly in breach of the American hacking laws.

  VoG II 22:53 07 Jul 2006

I agree entirely.

  Sethhaniel 11:26 08 Jul 2006

if you connect a brand new pc to the web -within seven minutes it will have had its first attack

Its like buying a new car (or anything for that matter ) and someone coming along and putting a big scratch down the side or breaking off the mirror -

AND getting away with it -
because "human rights" etc etc and namby pamby law (hands tied etc) -
well this is the time to shine and give those 'hackers - virus writers something to think hard on before they act

Throw away the Key(board) :0

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:51 08 Jul 2006

It was written that he claimed that he was looking for evidence of alien landings...this alone would be enough to bang him up for 7 years if I was in charge.

'if you connect a brand new pc to the web -within seven minutes it will have had its first attack'..these 'attacks' are not hackers but usually trojans or worms; there is a huge difference.


  Sethhaniel 14:00 09 Jul 2006

places in Guantanamo bay for people who write trojans and worms too
Or guessing by your post you are all in favour of them - must have some nefarious interests that you like to keep hidden

And places like AREA 51 for the likes of you ;)

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