polish 21:42 16 Apr 2007

i dont no if this is a nationwide problem but where i live they cause alot of problems even though they have been offered permanent places to stay they setup camp wherever they can and then cause problems for the people in that area then when they leave they leave behind all sorts of rubbish some of it human waste i just do not understand them and they contribute nothing to society and it can take days for them to be moved on

  VoG II 21:52 16 Apr 2007

I think that you are talking about tinkers, not true Romany gypsies who in my experience are one of the neatest, kindest, hard-working races you will ever encounter.

  Forum Editor 22:10 16 Apr 2007

in Britain, although many travellers like to claim Romany descent. As VoG™ says, true Romanies are a proud people, and can trace their descent back to around 500AD. They certainly aren't the people who desecrate the countryside in the way you describe.

That's the work of travellers, not gypsies at all.

  polish 22:29 16 Apr 2007

whatever the correct termanology for these people they are causing alot of problems in my area and just get peoples backs up with the problems they cause

  carolineann 22:50 16 Apr 2007

When I lived in the country, we had gypsy's set up on the village green once a year.

complete with two children and a horse.

Also an original gypsy caravan which was immaculate.

They would take a piece of turf out of the green to build thier fire for cooking. Always replaced afterwards.

Would accept clothes for the children but absolutely nothing else.

A new villager tried to get up a pepition once to evict them..He recieved short shrift from every one.

Really nice friendly family.

  Jimmy14 23:44 16 Apr 2007

We had English tinkers staying at a park near our castle for a few weeks. It cost our local council £8,000 to clean it up after they left.

  sunny staines 08:23 17 Apr 2007

around here they are called pikey's cause same problems. France has similar problems with them too. In WWII the germans rounded them up and put them in prison camps [too extreme].They are not popular in the Balkan nations either for similar reasons.

  rodriguez 08:42 17 Apr 2007

You get them round by me because there are a few open spaces that can't be built on because of mine shafts etc. and they're usually there for a few days and get moved on. The council have put up barriers in some places to stop them getting their caravans on so they've become slightly less of a problem now. You always used to get them in the fields behind where I used to live and they'd throw bags of human waste in your garden.

  josie mayhem 10:54 17 Apr 2007

I can remember talking to a old gypsy lady that I came into contact through my job as a carer...

And she was so interesting, as she told me about her life traveling between Ireland and Kent, how the earned there money through out the year etc, and how much it had change sinse she was a little girl... With the travelers that cause so much trouble for them...

In my area we have to sites, one is run by the coucil for the travelers and it does nothing but cause trouble, it is a real eyesore, has regular raids by the police, and yes stolen property and drugs are all found during these raids.

But we also have a site that was purchased by other gypsys and this site is so different it is well run, very tidy and hasn't coursed any trouble villagers and those coming and going from the site all get on fine...

  The Brigadier 11:02 17 Apr 2007

I recently had some travelling folk decide to camp on my farm. It cost £7,500 to clean up after them!
I even got told that i could not force them off my land as this could in-fringe their human rights!!!

  sunny staines 17:33 17 Apr 2007

if they will not leave your land box them in so they cannot get their vehicles out, they will quickly come to an agreement to leave that day if you agree to remove the obstruction always works, word goes around they tend not to come back.

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