Gwent police, text-drive video.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:27 29 Aug 2009

Lets hope this has the desired effect.

From the BBC click here

  laurie53 20:09 29 Aug 2009

Brilliantly done.

  spuds 22:15 29 Aug 2009

Will it actually get the message across though!.

There have been a number of similar exercises, which never holds fast for very long.

  dagnammit 22:24 29 Aug 2009
  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:27 30 Aug 2009

As has been mentioned before, there are loads of films about the horrors of war and this has had no effect in diminishing waste of taxpayer's money.


  Quickbeam 11:01 30 Aug 2009

I've also said before that we've got a generation of text addicts coming through, pushbike texters, pushchair texters, pedestrian texters, J walking texters, child rushing out of school texters, drunk walking from pup to pub texters, you name it texters...

The spell checker doesn't like 'texters', I would have thought that a common use word by now?

  Bingalau 11:31 30 Aug 2009

Quickbeam. Just add it to the spell-checker dictionary, after which it should accept it. That's what I do to stop annoying little things like that.

  Quickbeam 08:23 31 Aug 2009

I came across this while surfing click here It might be just the job for someone that needs to drive 'n' surf while they're texting or phoning or other driving related essential activities...

  Forum Editor 11:51 31 Aug 2009

do have an effect, but it's temporary - we're shocked, and the memory lingers for a while, but it fades. The one thing that sticks in your mind forever is actually witnessing a fatal accident, or arriving on the scene very shortly afterwards. The images and sounds don't leave you - they resurface when something (like passing the scene of another accident)acts as a trigger.

I speak from personal experience.

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