Guy strips naked at Heathrow.

  dagnammit 19:53 07 Aug 2009

Annoyed at a request for him to remove his belt and shoes he decided to strip off and was promptly arrested.

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(no newspaper snobbery please)

  bluto1 20:26 07 Aug 2009

No snobbery here mate. When I joined the RAF in 1953 the first paper we all looked for was the Mirror. The "Old Codgers" had a great column, answering any and every question put to them.
As for the German stripper once you,ve seen the wurst that's it.

  bremner 20:43 07 Aug 2009

He should be placed on the no fly list and never allowed to fly again.

  Chegs ®™ 05:26 08 Aug 2009

The traveller feared he was going to miss his flight and wanted to demonstrate at the inconvenience.

Missed his flight after all,so his stupidity ended up costing him more time.Wonder if his plane were to be hijacked,he would ask if the hijackers had been searched?

  laurie53 07:17 08 Aug 2009

Indecent exposure.

Put him on the sex offenders register.

At least then he (hopefully) will not get back into the country.

  Armchair 10:20 08 Aug 2009

Nah, I'm not really. It's quite amusing.

  sunnystaines 10:28 08 Aug 2009

what is the emirates plane doing in the picture, I am sure it used to be a concord there in that spot.

  AL47 13:37 08 Aug 2009

i found it amusing too, even more funny if i saw it, long as i didnt miss a flight lol

  JanetO 14:00 08 Aug 2009

There's no flies on him.

  Colin 14:33 08 Aug 2009

Security at airports is a pain, but you have no choice but to comply. Silly protests don't help.
sunnystaines – Emirates bought the spot where Concorde used to be.
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  sunnystaines 15:03 08 Aug 2009

I am surprised the BAA allowed that,It was a monument to outstanding british [french] engineering where the boeing sst and tupolev 144 both failed. As for the emirates A380 often takes a short cut when taking off westwards from heathrow and banking over staines town centre instead of clearing staines moor before doing so. Those restrictions brought in after the BA trident fell on staines, the other airline to do so is sri lanka often thought of writing a complaint to baa about them.

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