Guns, God, Guts and American Pick-Up Trucks

  WhiteTruckMan 14:52 18 Jul 2009

click here

Well its certainly more eye catching than the current scrappage scheme.

Anyone think peter mandelson will recommend it?


  canarieslover 15:06 18 Jul 2009

No!!! It might result in this Labour government being shot down.

  spuds 15:55 18 Jul 2009

Can only be the American way ;o))

  Forum Editor 18:02 18 Jul 2009

our rights come from God not the Queen"

Oh dear, look what your fellow Americans are saying, President Obama. If there's one thing that's sad and potentially dangerous it's a deluded individual who thinks that God has given him some special right.

  Belatucadrus 23:11 18 Jul 2009

I quite fancy the AK47, but no way in hell would you get me to drive one of those damned awful wheeled sheds.

  Forum Editor 00:45 19 Jul 2009

I tried a thing called a Dodge Ram pickup on a farm in Alabama back in January of this year - 4.7 litre V8, and very pleasant it was, too. Nothing could have been further from a shed on wheels if it tried.

It had aircon, a really good automatic transmission, electronic stability control (whatever that is), an amazing six speaker stereo system, and the most comfortable seat I've ever been in. No AK-47 in the cab, but hey, you can't have everything.

  Autoschediastic 11:29 19 Jul 2009

I just couldnt belive this was true.? id it a genuine WORKING AK47 or just a novelty one.?
Anyway here is more detail!

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:44 19 Jul 2009

AK47s are not particularly expensive and with the publicity it makes perfect sense to offer them as 'free gifts' in a country where they can legally be owned. If the gun is like the one in the picture it is the old design and could possibly be second-hand or old stock that has not been used.


  Belatucadrus 12:05 19 Jul 2009

Semi Automatic assault rifles were illegal for a while, but good old boy G Dubbya B lifted the ban. Obama is less convinced that owning such items is enshrined in the constitution and is thinking of reinstating the ban, so it may be that some dealers are looking to dump stocks.

  Forum Editor 12:58 19 Jul 2009

had a study in his house that had at least half a dozen rifles and shotguns in a gun case bolted to the wall. on the top of the case was an enamelled plaque with the American flag, and the words 'American Patriot' emblazoned on it.

The man was the personification of the phrase 'Red-Neck', and when we were in the pick-up he insisted on playing patriotic country music very loud. He took me to a bar where couples in boots and jeans were actually dancing with their thumbs through each other's belt-loops, and I saw at least one man wearing spurs. You have to see it to believe it, and in that context an AK-47 in the pick-up doesn't seem at all out of place.

  WhiteTruckMan 13:04 19 Jul 2009

it does seem slightly odd seeing a patriotic, flag waving american good old boy with a weapon that is synonymous with communism and terrorism. (yes, I'm aware of the qualities of it, but I'm talking about image)


BTW, I notice they arent giving away any ammunition with it. Just a fancy looking club then.

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