Guitar talents in the UK

  rickf 10:57 16 Jul 2011

Watch this, she's only 16. Some of the best in the UK, not some silly pop stuff. You'll be amazed!!


  Quickbeam 10:59 16 Jul 2011

"No results found, please try again." Showing from the link.

  rickf 11:42 16 Jul 2011
  Quickbeam 11:56 16 Jul 2011

She is good, there's a definite Latin/Santana influence there.

  chub_tor 12:21 16 Jul 2011

Not my style of music but there's no doubt about it for a 16 year old she has a great deal of talent and skill.

  spuds 12:35 16 Jul 2011

There's a lot of 'hidden' musical talent out there, and most of it is not discovered, either by choice or otherwise. Your 'noisy' kid neighbour, might be just one of those people?.

  interzone55 17:57 16 Jul 2011

She's very good, reminds me of some of the gentler Steve Vai stuff.

My personal favourite guitarist is Vini Reilly from Durutti Column, this is a performance from 1985 that demonstrates his skill

  woodchip 18:05 16 Jul 2011

Sorry not my kind of guitar, just screaming and squarking. I used to do Buddy Holly Shadows Big O and all the old stuff, where you could tell what was being said with the Guitar

  woodchip 18:11 16 Jul 2011

If you want to hear some good Guitar

Click Hear

  chub_tor 19:31 16 Jul 2011

Come on woodchip this thread was not about the music we like it is about that girl's talent and you have to admit that she has loads of that. That is not "just screaming and squarking" it is fantastic fingering technique and her interpretation of a piece of music. Could you have played that piece at age 16?

  woodchip 22:38 16 Jul 2011

looking again at the video. I would say she is using none standard Tuning of strings. For easy cord playing

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