Guitar Hero learner advice needed

  Grambo 08:30 09 Jan 2008

I have only been playing this for a few days and need some advice. I have started on easy level career which is going ok. In training I have started to use fourth finger on blue and finding this mighty difficult and even have to slow song down to enable fourth pinky to react in time. So I can either progress thru easy career (which is still great fun) or struggle to master the next level up. How did more experienced strummers start out?
Just to confuse things even more, I read that newbies should use first finger to cover red AND green, basically shifting one button along, meaning that more able third finger covers blue. Am I taking this a bit to seriously? It’s an addictive game tho.

i have only had a brief encounter with guitar hero, it's similar to the real thing, your fingers and hands adapt with hours and hours of practice you are asking them to something different, i have played guitar for years and because i self taught i use my fingers incorrectly and it's very hard to break old habits. so if you are using this as a starting block try to do it by the book, it becomes easier with time.
hope this helps and i hope i got the right end of the stick, so to speak!

  crosstrainer 10:18 09 Jan 2008

Player, and am playing again after a good few years off. You will find that if you are playing a steel string guitar, it will take a few months before your fingers become hard at the ends. It is also true that your positioning will become easier as you progress. Don't play too much at a time... (generally when your fingers have ridges in them and you feel mild pain!) Going beyond that point can lead to cuts. It's a slow but rewarding process. :)

  babybell 10:22 09 Jan 2008

I purchased Guitar Hero 3 after xmas and i havent been able to put it down! I am in exactly the same boat as you though! On easy i have completed the career mode and have mastered the 3 buttons and can even do songs perfectly without missing a note. But as soon as i stepped up to medium that all goes out the window, the tricky little blue button just makes a mockery of my otherwise brilliant guitar playing ;o)

I have heard the same as you, use your first finger to cover the red and green but i have found this hard. But it all comes down to three things, practice, practice and last of all practice. The game itself though is excellent. And if you only ever use 3 buttons whose it hurting? I love using just the 3 and pretending to be a legend of rock. Incidentally, have you tried having a go on expert? That is mind blowing. I think though there is a video on YouTube of the world Guitar Hero champion (Oh yes there is such a thing) completeing a song on expert perfectly, brilliant to watch!

  Clapton is God 20:42 10 Jan 2008

You're all wasting your time.

There is only ONE guitar hero! ;-))

  Brumas 14:26 11 Jan 2008

I didn't realise you was a Bert Weedon fan as well ;o)

  Bingalau 14:29 11 Jan 2008

Maybe it's Les Paul?

  hastelloy 12:27 12 Jan 2008

If you've not seen Tommy Emmanuel live!!!

  Bingalau 12:32 12 Jan 2008

We've got a lad here in Liverpool who is brilliant with the guitar too. His name is Tony Bell. Sorry, never heard of Tommy Emmanuel...

  hastelloy 15:48 12 Jan 2008

Tommy Emmanuel
click here don't miss the drum solo!!
click here
Whilst listening to these remember it's only 1 man with 1 guitar that you're hearing. And he's much better live.

  hastelloy 15:51 12 Jan 2008

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