Guinness good for you - official

  peter99co 10:08 20 May 2008

Something to cheer us up

click here

  rawprawn 10:13 20 May 2008

Hmmm, I think I will stick to Red Wine.I have always felt that Guinness is too thick to sail in, and too thin to plough!

  Simsy 11:49 20 May 2008

man years ago, Guinness was one of the drinks available in the recovery area. The staff insisted you drink "plenty of fluid" before you left.

Of course tea, orange and lemon squash were also available.

They still are, but Guinness isn't!



  Quickbeam 13:26 20 May 2008

It didn't do the Guinness Toucan any harm either click here

  Jak_1 14:05 20 May 2008

They used to issue guiness to the orthopaedic patients in the Naval Hospitals during the 70's and 80s to help recovery.

  spuds 14:20 20 May 2008

In my drinking and travelling days, I have supped many a good pint of Guinness around various locations. But there's was nothing better than a nice spooned pint from behind the counter of a genuine Irish drinking establishment.

  €dstowe 15:10 20 May 2008

Remember to drink your Guinness within the prescribed number of "units".

Wasn't it revealed some months ago that this alcohol "unit" idea was some figure just plucked from nowhere - in much the same way as the "5" in "five-a-day" for fresh fruit and vegetables?

  Stuartli 15:26 20 May 2008

Your last point is, to the best of my memory, an accurate recollection.

I drink Guinness and have done so for many years since the demise of Whitbread and Tetleys (brewed at Warrington) milds.

I drink in units of three to four pints three times a week...:-)

  Forum Editor 17:37 20 May 2008

Years ago I did quite a bit of work for Whitbread, and in those days it wasn't considered a bad thing to make claims that your products were good for your health, although you had to make oblique references - remember that Mackeson ad? 'Looks good, tastes good, and by golly it does you good'?

I'll always remember one ad in particular - it was for Whitbread tankard, and featured a cross country runner being interviewed just after he crossed the line. "To what do you attribute your victory?" the interviewer asked. "Whitbread Tankard" came the reply. "Oh, did you train on it?" said the interviewer. "No, I got a lift in one of their vans" said the runner.

You couldn't do it nowadays, too many politically incorrect undertones.

  peter99co 18:10 20 May 2008

Is it allowed to drink it with sweet cider or is that do you consider that to be a bad thing?

I have had it mixed with Champers (smoooooth)

  charmingman 18:52 20 May 2008

WELL guys i am 18 stone 6foot tall with a large frame & "NEVER" had any health problems, i DONt smoke & never have & "EVERY" thursday without fail i treat myself too "8" cans of lovely black Guiness Draght..Yum yum..

Not sure if its luck or the fact ive never smoked or the guiness or all combined but i live a smooth life & the Guiness is a MUST...But then again its like "Marmite" you either love it or hate it...

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