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  Forum Editor 15:24 27 Dec 2004

Many of you will remember that around this time last year I offered new members a written guide to our forum's etiquettes and rules of conduct. This proved to be quite popular at the time, and over the year I've received many requests for a copy.

An updated version is now available as a Word or PDF file; if you would like a copy just click on the 'Contact the Forum Editor" link at top left of the page and send me a one line message "Please send forum guide" stating whether you want a Word .doc or a .pdf file. (or both).

Allow me a couple of days or so to deal with requests - last time I was inundated.

This message is also posted in the Helproom and Consumerwatch.

  cringe 16:05 27 Dec 2004

That should help us newbies greatly. :)

  Forum Editor 18:47 27 Dec 2004

I hope so.

  Forum Editor 19:04 28 Dec 2004

with requests, so please bear with me if you don't get an immediate response. We're running a production line, and I'm afraid I can't answer all the goodwill messages personally either, so apologies for that as well.

  Forum Editor 23:28 29 Dec 2004


  Mango Grummit 23:15 04 Jan 2005

^ oops, sorry FE, won't do it again ^

  fourjays 23:32 04 Jan 2005

Good Idea FE. Just a suggestion, but wouldn't it be easier to put it in the downloads section? That way you don't spend the next 3 years sending emails. :p

  Forum Editor 00:57 05 Jan 2005

If I did that I would have no idea who had received the guide. Doing it my way means I know exactly who requested one, not only on this occasion, but the last time we offered the guide - a year ago.

Won't do what again Mango Grummit? You've done nothing to apologise for as far as I'm aware.

  fourjays 13:33 08 Jan 2005

ah, ok. Out of curiosity (if you don't mind me asking), but why do you need to know who has had one? :s

  Forum Editor 15:39 08 Jan 2005

Well think about it.

Next July you might do something absolutely dreadful, and I might ban you from the forum for being in breach of clause 297, subsection 456, paragraph 39 of the forum guide (2005). You might say "but I didn't know that I wasn't allowed to call you a boring old IT consultant, FE"

I might feel that I had overreacted, but if I looked up the database of people who have received the guide I would be able to see if you received a copy, and if you did I wouldn't feel at all guilty.

  end 21:17 08 Jan 2005

I did not know we could be banned by "chaper and verse":(

wonder if.....

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