Guest writers.

  wolfie3000 21:24 19 Aug 2006

I was looking at the thread about making the pcadvisor magazine more fun when it occured to me why not have guest writers in the magazine,

The members of the pcadvisor forum are a wealth of knowledge so why not at some point have one or more of them write a feature or a review?

I would like to know the pcadvisor teams thoughts on this and also the forum members.

  VoG II 21:48 19 Aug 2006

Sounds good to me. How about 'VoG™'s Excel Tips and Tricks: Part 1' for starters :o)

And maybe a complimentary 6-month subscription as 'payment'.

  namtas 21:57 19 Aug 2006

Not a chance VOG, what at your rates. You would make FE's eyes water.

  wolfie3000 22:02 19 Aug 2006

Funny thing is i was thinking of you VOG when i wrote this thread,

Maybe i could do a level guide to Halo, lol

But i think guest writers is a good way to get the members more involved with the magazine, maybe a trial to see how it goes?

  SG Atlantis® 22:07 19 Aug 2006

I like that idea Wolfie...

Hope it gets the thumbs up!

  VoG II 22:10 19 Aug 2006

As I said, a free subscription or something. Not my normal commercial rate - I don't want to bankrupt them!

  ezypcy 22:27 19 Aug 2006

All I need is a

Don't think you can make a pc mag 'fun' .
But we can with it's forum.When allowed.

  Djohn 15:00 16 Sep 2006

Might get your chance VoG™ seeing as its mentioned in this months mag. ;o)

  Kate B 18:39 16 Sep 2006

I'm rather against that. I doubt PCA would pay the going freelance rate for contributions from forum members (though I'd be delighted to be proved wrong) and as I'm a freelance journalist I really object to amateurs writing for free. It stops magazines paying for work from professionals if they can get it for free.

I don't work for free and I don't expect a publication to tell me that sorry, we're not going to commission you to write a piece because some bloke posting our forum will do it for free. How would you feel if an enthusiastic but untrained amateur came along and offered to do some of your job for free?

  Jak_1 19:00 16 Sep 2006

Totally agree Kate B, as a freelance (part time) photojournalist myself I know how cuthroat the buisiness is to start with. However if someone is willing to work for free then publications will use the materiel if of sufficient quality. I did the BFP course some years ago and it opened my eyes as to the quality and nous required of a freelance.
You only have to look on local tv and in local papers where peeps have sent (for free) pics from mobile phones and cheap digicams to see the diff in quality, and that's before any writing is done. Though I'm sure VoG™ is a very good author and photographer and could carry this off.

  spikeychris 19:00 16 Sep 2006

amateur. Are you relating to writing skills or the ability to understand the subject matter? I also work in the media - radio and realise almost anyone could do it. Rocket science it is not.

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