Si_L 08:41 29 Apr 2008

Anyone here got the game? What do you think of it?

  Si_L 12:42 29 Apr 2008

No-one? Are you all to busy playing the game?

  donki 13:30 29 Apr 2008

I havent got a 360 or PS3 yet Im goig nto have to wait for the PC version!!! Lookign forward to it thou!

  Si_L 13:41 29 Apr 2008

Same here. When do ya reckon it will be out, if ever?

  kingisangus 13:51 29 Apr 2008

I have the game! Arrived via amazon this morning at my office, just have to wait to get home this evening to have a play, can't wait.

It's the PS3 version.

  Si_L 14:04 29 Apr 2008

Let us know what its like!

  mrwoowoo 14:33 29 Apr 2008

Seem to be looking at an october release for the pc.
My sons getting it for his ps3 today.

  babybell 15:44 29 Apr 2008

My friend has just got it through the post and he text me "Oh My God" i replied saying "that good" and he simply replied saying "Words fail me" I have tried ringing but he answers saying "In a minute then puts the phone down" I guess it must be that good! My copy is sat at home waiting for me to open it, only 1hr 15mins left of work!

  mrwoowoo 15:45 29 Apr 2008

Ok ,scrub that.
Local Asda sold out last night.They said about 250 people were queing up to buy it.
Looks like he will have to wait)O:!
As an aside.I played GTA 3 and didn't think much of it.Very average.

  Si_L 17:04 29 Apr 2008

Bear in mind that GTA III is now over 7 years old. It was also their first attempt at the style of game we have now, a 3rd person view rather than birds-eye.

  Armchair 17:18 29 Apr 2008

Just got it. Went to Woolies after work (ie about 4.40), and bought a standard 360 + GTA4, £199.99, and a pack of six Snickers Bars for a quid, lol. They have:-

Arcade + GTA4, £159.99
360 + GTA4, £199.99
Elite + GTA4, £259.99

I already have PGR3 (£4.99, 2nd hand). Never used a 360 before, although I have been using a wired 360 gamepad with my PC for years.

Question:- It comes with one month's Xbox Live Gold, right? Do I have to activate that straight away, or can I just use Silver for the time being, until I get used to the machine?

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