gross misconduct for voters check

  vintage_uk 15:16 24 Dec 2010

Two days ago I was served with a regulation 15 notice for Gross Misconduct and will be required to attend a Misconduct hearing where I can be dismissed from my job as a police sergeant. The circumstances around the misconduct are long winded but the core crust of it is I am accused of conducting 26 voters checks on the police system that were not police related.
Out of the 26 checks I recgonise 10 names and addresses. These being properties I own and have lived in My ex partners name and his addresses etc. It may be hard to believe but I honestly do not recall conducting any of these checks. It would not make any sense for me to do an electorol roll check on a property I lived at, a property I own or my ex partners name and address because I know where he lives anyway. I wouldn't have benefited from checking who lives at my address because I own and lived at the address. I am being accused for using police systems for personal use. It would have made sense if I did PNC checks on people or vehicles I knew but a voters check on people I alreday know and know where they live including my address is ridiculous. I don't know what to do and can do with much needed help. I look forward to your responses

  birdface 16:07 24 Dec 2010

If you explain to the hearing what you have just printed on here I would tend to think that they would agree with you.
But obviously someone made the checks so not sure if they can be traced back to you or to someone else in your department.
You would need someone to defend you not sure if that would be a lawyer or someone from your union.
You hire a lawyer and they will think that you have something to hide but as your job is at risk you need a good defence.
You are not getting to the age where you would be retiring in the next ten or so years.
I have read in the news where police forces may have to make long time workers in the police force redundant because of cut backs and it is cheaper to use new recruits who get less wages.
Lets hope that is not your problem.
Whatever happens I hope things go well for you and you remain working with the Police Force.
There is at least one Ex Policeman that uses this forum and there may be others that may be able to give you some good information.

  sunnystaines 16:37 24 Dec 2010

check times, location and dates of the voters checks with your duty roster, were you on duty at these locations and times?

has someone in the past looked over your should and noted your login password, then set you up?

are you in the police union/federation, if so can they help.

  john 52 16:50 24 Dec 2010

I would have thought union representation is a must in your case as its your future employment and your reputation at stake .
If you had made these checks being on properties that you recognize I am sure that
you would have remembered doing them if that was the case .
I always thought that the electoral register was available to the general public so what need would there have been to do something which would be considered Gross Misconduct

  spuds 16:59 24 Dec 2010

As a police sergeant, you should be fully aware that the Police Federation will or should represent you in any procedures regarding disciplinary action. Have you not consulted them yet?.

  Kevscar1 17:07 24 Dec 2010

The question you will undoubtedly be asked and you must have a convincing answer for is, Why would any other officer be making these checks.
You definetly need to speak to your federation rep ASAP

  spuds 17:10 24 Dec 2010

The Electoral Roll the police, councils etc use is different to the roll available to the general public or other companies for distribution.

  john 52 17:16 24 Dec 2010

I am a little confused at the post to be honest the original poster must have friends or colleagues working within the force why would he post on a PC forum for advice when they maybe could give more appropriate advice

  john 52 17:18 24 Dec 2010

Thanks spuds for pointing out the difference

  Forum Editor 17:39 24 Dec 2010

is a serious matter, and the first thing to say is that nobody here is qualified to advise you.

Under the terms of the Police (Conduct) regulations 2008 you should have been informed that you can make a written or oral statement to the investigator within 10 days of receipt of the notice.

You have the right to seek advice from the Police Federation, and also the right to be accompanied by a Police friend when being interviewed, or attending meetings.

You have the right to be represented by a lawyer, should the matter is referred to a misconduct hearing or special case hearing.

Have you been moved to a new working location, or suspended on full pay?

  lucky1 18:06 24 Dec 2010

vintage_uk. Immediately contact our Fed. Rep. He/she is the one from whom you should seek all help and guidance on this serious matter. No doubt PNC has many more facilities than when I was in the job. An electronic log was routinely generated of all PNC enquiries with the user's force number etc. As has already been suggested, has someobe logged on using your ID or did you maybe forget to log off at some stage?

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