greeting card ?? words Help.

  wallbash 14:10 10 Oct 2007

I am trying ( and failing ) to assemble a ‘get well ‘ card.
I really would like some help/suggestions for the wording,
The problem is the recipient is dying of cancer but this week
She fell and broke her hip. I feel that a get well card won’t work , as she won’t get well.
But hopefully she will at least get some mobility back. The lady in question
Still has a great sense of humour and certainly not depressed.
Thinking of you !!! seems a bit lame. The card will be signed by a mix bag of
ages from a local club. Has any one been in a similar situation AND come to a result.
Hope no one will take offence, if I ( knowing the Lady well) look at some sort
Of ‘ Black’ humour.

  Sapins 14:41 10 Oct 2007

"It's been good to know you"

  Bingalau 15:34 10 Oct 2007

"Carry on regardless"

  wasp15 15:39 10 Oct 2007

"Oh well, *@$! happens"

Just don't dwell on the fact that she mightn't have much time left and see her as any other friend who has just hurt herself. What would you say to them?

  wallbash 15:42 10 Oct 2007

I am liking "Oh well, *@$! happens"

  Pamy 15:45 10 Oct 2007

This is a verse adapted from another, the original I do not know, and you could adapt it further....

Our nights have all been peaceful, we left the world behind.
We never had a dream disturb our peace of mind.

But they are no longer peaceful there is something very wrong.
Your image will be with us all night long.

  Stuartli 16:45 10 Oct 2007

Why not just a straight forward (Sorry) card mentioning you are all very sorry to hear about her fall?

Certainly would be more appropriate/tactful than the suggestion above that: "It's been good to know you".

  wallbash 17:49 10 Oct 2007

Never knew there was so much skill in the humble 'card'

"Oh well, *@$! happens"
We're so glad you're taking our share of the bad luck.

Perhaps not
"It's been good to know you".

But grateful to all suggestions.

  wiz-king 18:06 10 Oct 2007

Take more water with your medicine!!!

  shizzy 21:23 10 Oct 2007

Our very best Wishes
Hope your hip soon mends
The bad luck one not really the right thing to say when the lady is ill as well.

  realist 21:29 10 Oct 2007

We all look forward to when you're up and about again and joining in the fun (?at the club?)

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