"Green" Taxes

  Vangeliska 20:08 29 Oct 2006

So the British Government is thinking of taxing low cost airlines, putting VAT on Aviation Fuel, taxing Lightbulbs and taxing 4x4 vehicles. I wonder if the Americans and Chinese will follow suit (they are the biggest polluters). Somehow I don't think they will. Who gets this tax money and where will it be spent?

  jz 22:11 29 Oct 2006

As far as I can tell, all major political parties are thinking about it - Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat.

  Vangeliska 22:47 29 Oct 2006

I bet neither the Republicans nor the Democrats will even consider it!

  jz 23:52 29 Oct 2006

It would be more tricky in the US since people there have traditionally had more of a taste for these "excesses". In the UK, it's a case of nipping it in the bud.

Personally, I think the taxes would be a good thing. You have to get tax revenue from somewhere, so you might as well pick the things that cause the problems. OK, they aren't the biggest problems, but air travel is growing rapidly.

  Jak_1 00:32 30 Oct 2006

Yet more taxation, but then again what can we expect from this government who want to fleece the population whilst earning vast amounts themselves and claiming outrageous expenses out of our pockets!

  Kate B 00:51 30 Oct 2006

Jak_1, there are lots of reasons to object to taxes (though in general I think they're a necessary evil) but envious mutterings about "earning vast amounts themselves" is not a valid one.

  Forum Editor 00:53 30 Oct 2006

We'll have no more of that nonsense if you don't mind. If you can't debate something without resorting to ranting like that it's better to say nothing at all.

Like it or not, we are all facing a very serious future. Energy consumption and climate change are real problems, and we have to address them now. If we don't, we'll be in even greater trouble, and anyone who thinks that all they have to do is put a few bottles in a recycling bin is seriously deluded. We need to take steps to curb energy consumption quickly, and we need to introduce measures to reduce our impact on the planet. All major energy-consuming nations must act, but it's no good saying 'we'll do it when they do' - that's a stupid attitude to adopt. We can act on our own, and we will, regardless of which party is in power.

Saying that a government wants to 'fleece the population' in this way is total rubbish, and is indicative of someone who hasn't a clue about what faces us as a nation if we don't get our act together.

  robgf 01:46 30 Oct 2006

While like everyone else I'm not keen on taxes, at least the government is finally taking some action.
The only problems that I can see, are that the tax will mainly hit the more affluent, which may not greatly reduce usage of large cars and aircraft, as they will simply pay up, defeating the object of the exercise.

A better idea for cars, would be to set minimum mpg figures for new cars, say 45mpg for petrol and 55mpg for diesel and set a maximum vehicle weight.

Planes are more tricky and taxing them is probably the only answer.

I would have thought that taxing light bulbs is a waste of time, surely very few people buy old style bulbs nowadays, with the wide selection of cheap low energy ones available.

The taxes would be more acceptable, if the proceeds were used to only fund green projects, rather than just going into a general pot.

On a final note, why cant all plastic carrier bags be like the Co-Op ones, that disintegrate after a while, it seems to be a very simple solution.

Rob. :)

p.s Personally I think that mankind as a whole will wait until it's too late, before it is finally panicked into serious action.
CO2 doesn't just cause global warming, it also kills you at high enough levels and we are getting to those levels very quickly.

  beeuuem 02:31 30 Oct 2006

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  wee eddie 07:58 30 Oct 2006

is Fuel Tax.

The bigger your vehicle, the more it uses, the greater the disincentive to use it.

I include Cars, Lorries, Airplanes and Trains. The more fuel efficient, the less per passenger mile it will cost to run.

The fuel of the future has to be Electricity, with all other fuel sources being used to make it in the most efficient manner possible.

  egapup 08:36 30 Oct 2006

I totally agree with you, what they claim on expenses is enough for me to retire on.

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